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Description: Kendrick Schoolis a highly selective all-girls grammar school situated in Reading, Berkshire. Rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted, the school has a superb reputation across the country. It is also within th ...

Kendrick School is a highly selective all-girls grammar school situated in Reading, Berkshire. Rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted, the school has a superb reputation across the country. It is also within the top 1% of schools in the country, with pupils making exceptional progress at both GCSE and A-LEVEL. Therefore, securing a place in Year 7 is challenging, with only 128 spots available for 2022 entry. The information below can help you to prepare your child for Kendrick School's 11 plus entrance test, 

with key dates in the calendar relating to the school's admissions process and other resources to support your child. 


School details:


Address: Kendrick School, London Road, Reading, RG1 5BN

County: Berkshire

Type of school: Girls' Grammar School Academy Converter

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Number of pupils: 739

Admissions to Year 7: 128

Open evening (2022 entry): April 2021 (Exact date TBD)

11+ exam date (2022 entry): TBD

Exam board: Kendrick School Admission Test (CEM Assessment)

Admissions phone number: 0118 9015859

Admissions email address:


A Brief Overview of Kendrick School and Pupil Performance

Initially founded in 1877, this school has a proud history of educating young women and continues to do so today. In 2011, the school converted to academy status, offering greater flexibility in decisions relating to its curriculum and term timetables. 


When it comes to exams, the school consistently excels year after year. According to the Department for Education (DfE), its Progress 8 score for the 2018/19 cohort is 1.29, one of the country's highest scores! This means that, on average, pupils are likely to achieve a whole grade higher than expected than predictions made based on their primary school attainment. 


Exam results at the school are consistently strong at GCSE level 100% of students achieve grade 5 or above in English and maths. A report from the school's website highlights that in 2020 54% of students achieved grade 9 at GCSE, and 81% achieved grade 8 or 9 at GCSE. The school's A-LEVEL performance is equally strong, with 32% of students achieving an A* grade and 90% of students achieving grades A* to B. In 2020 the school's Year 13 leavers received offers from the nation's top universities, with ten students receiving offers from the University of Oxford and two students receiving offers from the University of Cambridge. 


Kendrick School Admissions Process: 2022 Entry


Please note that Kendrick School has a strict admissions procedure, and some parents can find this confusing. The table below outlines the key events and dates in the 2021/22 calendar. Please scroll down to learn more about admissions and the 11 plus exam.



April 2021 - Open Evening.

Open evening for the prospective pupils considering the school for the academic year 2022. The school is yet to confirm both the date and whether it will be a virtual event. 


1st May 2021 - Registration opens for the Kendrick School Admission Test.

Registration is made online via the school's website. This is also the date the school will make admission test familiarisation books available to download. 


1st July 2021 - (Midnight) is the deadline for test registration.

The school's 2022 Admission Policy states that late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. 

Autumn 2021 - The Kendrick Admissions Test.

The Kendrick Admissions Test will be held sometime around September or October. Please refer to this page, as it is updated regularly. 


31st October 2021 - Deadline for the Common Application Form (CAF).

This must be submitted to your local authority. The Kendrick School will contact you before this date with the results of your child's admissions test. 


1st March 2022 - National Offer Day.

On national offer day, candidates will receive official confirmation of a place at Kendrick School, subject to having met all the entry criteria. 

15th March 2022 - Accept or appeal the decision.

By this date, you must inform your local authority of your decision to accept or reject the allocated secondary school. Parents who reject will have to begin the appeals process (please refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page).


For more information, please refer to Kendrick School’s 2022 Admissions Policy.


Kendrick School's 11 Plus Exam

While the school's 11 plus exam date is unknown, candidates for the 2022 entry will already be getting prepared. Most parents decide to start preparing their child for the 11 plus exam in Year 4. However, if you are reading this and have not yet started preparing, it is not too late. With the exam several months away, you might like to read this Six Month Countdown to the 11 Plus Exam, packed with tips for parents to help their child be exam ready.


The Kendrick school administers its own 11 plus exam, known as the Kendrick School Admissions Test, and is provided by CEM. For more information about the CEM Assessment, click here. 


The Kendrick school admissions test has two papers, and each paper takes one hour to complete. Each of the papers assesses the candidate's ability in verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning. Candidates are required to show competency in all these skills. Please note that the questions are not expected to be more challenging than those candidates are already familiar with from key stage 2 English and maths. Both tests are equally weighted, and a combined score will be used as the total. 


Kendrick School 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources

11 plus practise papers are a highly effective way to help students prepare for the 11 plus exam. Many exam boards release familiarisation papers that can be downloaded online for free. Visit the CEM website for the latest familiarisation papers and other resources. 


The Kendrick school also plans to release familiarisation papers once the registration for the admissions test opens. Scroll down for free 11 plus preparation resources and sample papers that you can download and print for free. 


Free CEM assessment English and verbal reasoning papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2 With Answers


Free CEM assessment non-verbal reasoning papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 2 Answers


Free CEM assessment general papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 3

Practice Paper 4

Practice Paper 5


Visit 11 Plus Exam Practice Papers and Resources for more information and valuable tools to help candidates prepare. 


Additional Information about Kendrick School 

The school encourages pupils to get stuck into charitable work such as fundraising activities that contribute to good causes. Pupils can also enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities such as the Climate Change Society, Amnesty Society, Music, Dentist Society, and more! There are also opportunities to participate in other events, such as an annual national maths challenge. You can learn more on the school's website, or if you would like to view all of the extracurricular activities available, click here. 


Official social media





Kendrick School FAQs

What is the school's Ofsted rating?

The school's current Ofsted rating is 'Outstanding'. You can access the full report here.


Kendrick School fees

This school is a selective grammar school and is non-fee paying. 


Where is the catchment area for Kendrick School?

You can view the entire catchment area map for 2022 entry here


What score do 11+ candidates need to achieve to receive an offer for admission?

Details related to the pass mark for the 2021 Kendrick Admissions Test are yet to be released. Other factors are also taken into consideration, such as the catchment area and pupil premiums. 

What is the school’s oversubscription criteria?

All applicants will be ranked according to their performance in the tests. Oversubscription criteria will be applied if there are more applicants than the 128 places available. You can find this outlined in detail in the 2022 Admissions Policy.


Where can I find the Kendrick School admissions process?

Appeals dates for the 2022 entry are yet to be released. However, this year the deadline to appeal was 29th March, and so it is fair to expect the deadline to be similar next year. An Independent Appeal Panel hears appeals. Read this guide to learn more, or submit an appeal to Reading Council using this form.


Kendrick School Uniform

View details related to the school uniform's requirements here


Where can I view GCSE and A-LEVEL results in further detail?

The school's website has an entire page dedicated to GCSE and A-LEVEL exam results.



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