Upton Court Grammar School

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Description: Upton Court Grammar School, SloughUpton Court Grammar School, previously known as Slough Grammar School, is an Outstanding school that has recently undergone a £25million refurbishment to its site. T ...

Upton Court Grammar School, Slough


Upton Court Grammar School, previously known as Slough Grammar School, is an Outstanding school that has recently undergone a £25million refurbishment to its site. This page has everything you need to know about QE Boys, Barnet and can help you get started with the admissions process. You can also find helpful information about the 11 plus exam, such as exam practice resources, information about exam boards and key dates in the calendar.  


School details:


Address: Upton Court Grammar School, Lascelles Rd, Slough, Berkshire, SL3 7PR

County: Berkshire

Type of school: Co-educational grammar school

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding                                            

Number of pupils: 1034

Admissions to Year 7: 165

Open evening (2022 entry): TBC

11+ exam date (2022 entry): September 2021 - exact date TBC

Exam board: CEM

Admissions phone number: 01753 522892

Admissions email address: office@uptoncourtgrammar.org.uk


A Brief Overview of Upton Court Grammar School and its Performance


The school was originally formed in 1912 and was originally split into Slough Grammar School for Boys and Slough High School for Girls until they merged in the 1980s. According to Ofsted Upton Court is known as a multicultural school (almost 50% of its students speak English as a second language) that is committed to its international school status and is proud of its understanding of other cultures and languages. Last year 100% of students achieved a level 5 or above for GCSE Maths and English, and 63% of all GCSE grades awarded were levels 7-9 (old style A or A*). 79% of A-level students accepted a university place, 30% of which were with courses at Russell Group universities. In 2017 it was named the Best Mixed Grammar School in England.


Upton Court Grammar School Admissions Process: 2022 Entry

If you plan on sending your child to Upton Court Grammar School in September 2022 then it is important to take note of these key dates:


April 2021 - 11+ information evening

There are plans for an 11+ information evening to be held online but the date is yet to be confirmed. The session will be recorded and will be available on all the websites of the grammar schools in the Slough area.

1st May 2021 - 11+ online registration opens

Registration opens online. You can find details on the school website or you can register through this website: www.sloughconsortium.org.uk

1st September 2021 - CAF opens online

Local Authority Common Application Forms (CAF) will open online. This is the form you need to fill out with your list of school preferences for your child, in rank order.

September 2021 - 11+ exam

The 11+ exams will take place during this month, although a definitive date has yet to be confirmed.

31st October 2021 - CAF submission deadline

This is the deadline for submitting your Common Application Form.

1st March 2022 - National Offer Day

This is when your home local authority will inform you as to whether your child has secured a place. If he or she is unsuccessful, it's a good idea to inquire about the waiting list or look into the appeals process, which normally takes place in April, May or June.



If the school is oversubscribed in terms of the number of students who pass the 11 Plus, then the school gives priority to students who fulfil certain criteria; for example:


  1. Looked after children
  2. Children eligible for pupil premium (up to 15 places)
  3. Children whose parents have worked at the school for two years or more
  4. Children who attend designated feeder schools
  5. Children in rank order of performance in the entrance exams
  6. Children within the closest proximity to the school


Preparing for Upton Court Grammar School’s 11 Plus Exam


As Upton Court Grammar School tends to be oversubscribed, it is a good idea to start preparing for the 11 Plus exam early. There are four grammar schools in Slough and they all set the same papers. Students can expect to sit two papers, normally taken on the same day, lasting between 45 minutes to an hour each. The questions are generally multiple choice and combine English and Verbal Reasoning in one paper and Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning in the other. A familiarisation booklet, produced by CEM, gives some information on the content of the tests and a few sample questions, which is an excellent place to start your revision.


If your child is in Year 4, then you may want to refer to this guide to the Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests, as well as these top ten tips on how to pass the 11 Plus. If your child is already in Year 5, don’t panic - this guide can help your child to become 11 Plus exam ready in just under six months, and there are also intensive revision courses on offer for those who need a last-minute boost.


Upton Court Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources


Upton Court Grammar School uses the CEM exam board for its 11 Plus exam, and you can find out exactly what this entails here. CEM exams tend to be much more time-pressured, and so it’s a good idea to get your child to complete lots of papers under timed conditions so that they can get used to the timings. Many of the English and Maths questions are similar to the National Curriculum, but the Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions will be less familiar, and so it is worth focusing on those too.


The school’s website gives lots of handy familiarisation documents which break down how to approach different question types, for example comprehension questions, Maths questions, picture questions, and word choice questions


English and Verbal Reasoning


11+ English and Verbal Reasoning Book 1 | Answer 1




11+ Maths Test Book 1 Answer Sheet 1


Non-Verbal Reasoning


11+ Non Verbal Reasoning Book 1 | Answer Sheet 1


11+ Non Verbal Reasoning Book 2 | Answer Sheet 2


Additional Information about Upton Court Grammar School


The school offers an excellent range of extracurricular activities including Bhangra dance, Amnesty International, BBC Schools Report, Philosophy Club, Basketball, Duke of Edinburgh and Debating. The recent multi-million pound refurbishment has expanded the school’s facilities immensely, with new science labs, classrooms, a sports hall, changing rooms, and multi-use games area, and the Head says that the school now boasts ‘world-class facilities as well as a world-class curriculum’.



Upton Court Grammar School FAQs


Where is the catchment area for Upton Court Grammar School?

There is no designated catchment area for this school. However, in the event that the school is oversubscribed (for example, there are more students with a high enough score who have put Upton Court Grammar School as their first choice than there are places), then priority may be given to those who live closest to the school.


What is the 11 plus exam pass mark?

Candidates must achieve a standardised score of 111 or above to be eligible to apply for a place.


When will I get the results?

Results will be available online in October, and will always be visible in plenty of time for you to complete the Common Application Form.


Can I appeal for a place?

There are two possible reasons for an appeal. Firstly, if your child scored 111 or above, but was not offered a place due to the school being oversubscribed. Secondly, if your child scored below 111, but you believe that there are extenuating circumstances which mean that your child did not perform to the best of their ability on examination day. In either of these cases, you need to contact the school’s admissions team directly.


Can I have the paper remarked?

Re-marks can be made, but at the cost of £50 per paper. However, the original marking process is incredibly stringent - every paper is marked twice - which means that it is incredibly unlikely your child’s mark will be changed. According to this website, no changes have ever been made to a pupil’s mark.


Where can I find Upton Court Grammar School’s Admission Policy?

You can find all the necessary information about Upton Court Grammar School’s Admission policies and arrangements here;


How many grammar schools are there in Slough?

There are four grammar schools in Slough: Upton Park Grammar School, Langley Grammar School, Herschel Grammar School and St. Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School.


Does Upton Court Grammar School have a uniform?

Yes, it does have a uniform; you can find the list for girls and boys here.

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