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Description: Beaconsfield High SchoolBeaconsfield High Schoolis a selective all-girls grammar school academy converter located in Beaconsfield, Bucks. The school is committed to being a centre for academic excelle ...

Beaconsfield High School

Beaconsfield High School is a selective all-girls grammar school academy converter located in Beaconsfield, Bucks. The school is committed to being a centre for academic excellence for empowering your women as they strive to reach their full potential in an inclusive and dynamic community. Below you will find everything you need to learn more about the school, from exam results to its detailed admissions process. We have also included key dates in the calendar for the 2022 entry and information about getting prepared for the 11 plus exam, and additional learning resources to support your child. 


School details:


Address: Beaconsfield High School, Wattleton Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 1RR

County: Buckinghamshire 

Type of school: Girls' Grammar School Academy Converter

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Number of pupils: 1,169

Admissions to Year 7: 180

Open evening (2022 entry): Virtual Tour (Should this change, this page will be updated)

11+ exam date (2022 entry): 9th September 2021

Exam board: The Secondary Transfer Test (GL Assessment)

Admissions phone number: 01494 673043

Admissions email address:


A Brief Overview of Beaconsfield High School and School Performance


The school is known locally as Becky High and is one of the highest performing grammar schools in England, with 98% of pupils achieving grade 5 in English and maths at GCSE in 2019. In the same year, Beaconsfield entered 87% of pupils for the English Baccalaureate, with 76.7% achieving grade 5. 33.3% of A-LEVEL pupils achieved grades A*-A, supporting the school's respectable academic record. The school's 2018/19 Progress 8 score is 0.8, which means that, on average, pupils are likely to achieve a whole grade higher than expected than predictions made based on their primary school attainment. 



The school is an academy converter, which means that Buckinghamshire Council has less authority over the school. Instead, it enjoys greater autonomy in making decisions related to school timetables, admissions, etc. 


Beaconsfield High School Admissions Process: 2022 Entry 


Most parents start to consider supporting their child for the 11 plus exam in Year 4, but there is no right or wrong time to begin getting prepared. An excellent place to start is a study plan, and then looking at the requirements for the 11 plus exam your child will sit. 11 plus exams vary by local authority and even school, so it is essential to understand the specific requirements for the school you are applying to. Applying to Beaconsfield High School means that your child will need to sit The Secondary Transfer Test, provided by The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS). Thirteen grammar schools belong to TBGS group, and their aim is to ensure fair testing between all of the grammar schools in Bucks, despite each holding academy status and determining their own admissions. 


Below you can find the key dates in the calendar for the 2022 entry. Please note that if your child already attends a Buckinghamshire primary school (excluding independent schools), they will automatically be registered for the 11 plus exam. Parents should contact the school for details on opting out. 



4th May 2021 (15:00 pm) - SST registration opens

The Secondary Transfer Test registration opens for Buckinghamshire-based independent primary schools and non-Buckinghamshire-based applicants. Registration is made via the Buckinghamshire Council website.

24th June 2021 (15:00 pm) - SST registration deadline

Registration closes for the SST 11+ exam, applications after this time may be refused.

7th September 2021 - Practice test

All candidates are invited to sit a practice test, details of which will be emailed to you in advance. 

9th September 2021 - SST 11+ exam

This is the date of The Secondary Transfer Test (11+ exam) for all TBGS schools, including Beaconsfield. TBGS will communicate test venue and other important information in advance. 


15th October 2021 - SST results day

Results day for The Secondary Transfer Test. If your child has passed, you may proceed in making an application to the school via the Common Application Form (CAF) via your local authority. 

31st October 2021 - CAF deadline

Deadline for the Common Application Form (CAF) to your local authority. Please note the cut off point is midnight.

1st March 2022 - National Offer Day

On national offer day, candidates will receive official confirmation of a place at Beaconsfield High School, subject to having met all the entry criteria.


15th March 2022 - Deadline to accept or appeal the decision

By this date, you must inform your local authority of your decision to accept or reject the allocated secondary school. Parents who reject will have to begin the appeals process.



You can find more information here: Beaconsfield High School Admissions Policy 2022-23


Beaconsfield High School's 11 Plus Exam

As you know, doubt already know, many parents choose to invest in a private tutor to help their child to prepare for the 11 plus exam. However, this is a personal choice and Beaconsfield, nor TBGS promote this. In the months leading up to the exam, TBGS sends familiarisation resources to candidates via their primary school, and you can use these as part of your 11 plus study plan. You can also check out this 11 Plus Guide: Six Month Countdown for advice on helping your child to be exam ready. 


The qualifying score for 2021 is 121, which means candidates need to achieve this to be eligible for admission. On the exam day, pupils will sit two 45-minute tests. The first test is on comprehension, technical English, and verbal reasoning. The second test focuses on non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, and maths. Both tests are taken on the same day but note that there is a toilet break between each test. 


While much of the rest is like KS2 maths and English questions that candidates are familiar with from school, verbal and non-verbal reasoning may be new. If that is the case, refer to this helpful 11 Plus Exam Guide to the Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests to better understand how to prepare your child for these elements of The Secondary Transfer Test. 


Each paper is weighted 50/50; however, the sections are not. The first paper accounts for 50% of the marks, while the second paper is split non-verbal 25% and mathematics 25%. 


Beaconsfield High School 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources 

The Secondary Transfer Test is based on the GL assessment, and TGBS do acknowledge using GL Assessment familiarisation papers as a useful preparation tool. You can find a selection of free and paid practice papers via the GL Assessment website. You can also find additional, free resources to download and print at home here.


Additional Information about Beaconsfield High School 

There is a detailed curriculum map for Year 7, providing a feel for what your child would be learning about during their first year at the school. Beaconsfield has received an 'outstanding' Ofsted rating since 2007, and having been rated this twice, received the Exceptional Schools Award in 2018. It also boasts state-of-the-art facilities, such as university-grade science labs, design studios, fully interactive classrooms, and more! 


Official Social media 





Beaconsfield High School FAQs

What is the school's Ofsted rating?

The school's current Ofsted rating is 'Outstanding'. You can access the full report here.


Beaconsfield High School fees

This school is a selective grammar school and is non-fee paying. 


Where is the catchment area for Beaconsfield High School?

You can view the entire catchment area map for 2022 entry here


What score do 11+ candidates need to achieve to receive an offer for admission?

For the 2021 Secondary Transfer Test, the pass mark is predicted to be 121. Other factors are taken into consideration, such as the catchment area and pupil premiums. 


Beaconsfield High School Uniform

View details related to the school uniform's requirements, including a policy and checklist


Where can I view GCSE and A-LEVEL results in further detail?

The school's website has an entire page dedicated to GCSE and A-LEVEL exam results. 


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