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Description: Chesham Grammar SchoolChesham Grammar School (CGS) is a wholly selective, co-educational secondary school in Chesham, England. Frequently featured on various league tables as a high performing school, ...

Chesham Grammar School


Chesham Grammar School (CGS) is a wholly selective, co-educational secondary school in Chesham, England. Frequently featured on various league tables as a high performing school, there is significant competition for a limited number of Year 7 places. This page has everything you need to know about the admissions procedure for 2022 entry and can help you make an application on behalf of your child. There is also further information and resources to help your child prepare for the Secondary Transfer Test (STT), the school’s 11+ entrance exam. 


School details:

Address: Chesham Grammar School, White Hill, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1BA

County: Buckinghamshire

Type of school: Mixed Grammar Academy Converter

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding (view report)

Number of pupils: 1,277

Admissions to Year 7 (PAN): 180

Open evening (2022 entry): Virtual event (2021 date TBC).

11+ exam dates (2022 entry): September 9th, 2021

Exam board: The Secondary Transfer Test (GL Assessment)

Admissions phone number:  01494 782854

Admissions email address:


A Brief Overview of Chesham Grammar School and the School’s Performance


The majority of the school’s pupils are from Buckinghamshire; however, there are also pupils from Hertfordshire and some London Boroughs. CGS is part of The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS) group, a consortium of thirteen grammar schools that share a co-ordinated admissions scheme supported by Buckinghamshire Council.

The school is also part of the Red Kite Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust in Chilterns, Bucks. The academies aim to create a community of schools that collectively enhance their pupils’ lives by offering more opportunities and resources to improve their education. As an academy converter, Buckinghamshire Council has less authority over the school. CGS  enjoys greater autonomy in making decisions related to school timetables, admissions, and the curriculum.

Data below from highlights that the school’s academic results are impressive, considering outperforming other schools in the local authority and on a national level at GCSE. Pupils at CGS perform exceptionally well at A-LEVEL. All Year 13 pupils receive offers of a place at their first-choice university, including Oxford and Cambridge.


Please note the above data is from 2018/19 and is the latest available government data.

Progress 8 score: 0.62: this means that, on average, pupils are likely to achieve a grade higher than expected, based on original predictions made using data from their primary school attainment. For instance, if based on your child’s KS2 SATs results, they were predicted a ‘B’ in GCSE maths, they are more likely to achieve an ‘A’ at this school.  

Attainment 8 score: 72.2: Schools get a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications.


Chesham Grammar School Admissions Procedure: 2022 Entry


Most parents start to consider supporting their child for the 11 plus exam in Year 4, but there is no right or wrong time to begin getting prepared. An excellent place to start is a study plan, and then looking at the requirements for the 11 plus exam your child will sit. 11 plus exams vary by local authority and even school, so it is essential to understand the specific requirements for the school you are applying to. Applying to CGS means that your child will need to sit The Secondary Transfer Test, provided by The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS). The group aims to ensure fair testing between all grammar schools in Bucks, despite each holding academy status and determining their own admissions. 


Below you can find the key dates in the calendar for the 2022 entry. Please note that if your child already attends a Buckinghamshire primary school (excluding independent schools), they are automatically registered for the 11 plus exam. Parents should contact the school for details on opting out. However, if you live in Hertfordshire or towns on the Metropolitan line, you should apply for them to take the exam via the TBGS website.


2022 Admissions Timetable


May 4th 2021 - SST registration opens (3 pm)

The Secondary Transfer Test registration opens for Buckinghamshire-based independent primary schools and non-Buckinghamshire-based applicants. Registration is made via the Buckinghamshire Council website.

June 24th 2021 - SST registration closes (3 pm)

Registration deadline for The Secondary Transfer Test. 

Sept 7th 2021 - SST mock test

All candidates are invited to sit a practice test, details of which will be emailed to you in advance. Note that this will likely be 10-15 minutes shorter than the actual test. 

Sept 9th 2021 - SST test

The Secondary Transfer Test (11+ exam) for all TBGS schools, including CGS. TBGS will communicate the test venue and other important information in advance. 

Oct 15th 2021 - SST scores published

All schools within TBGS group will publish SST scores. 

Oct 31st 2021 - CAF deadline

Please submit your secondary schools application CAF by midnight. If you choose to submit a paper application, Buckinghamshire Council state that it must be received no later than 3 pm on November 1st 2021. You should also include evidence of your home address, such as a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement.  

March 1st 2022 - National Offer Day

On National Offer Day, candidates will receive official confirmation of a place at CGS, subject to having met all of the entry criteria.

March 15th 2022 - Deadline to accept/reject offer

Parents must accept the school's offer or appeal the decision. (See appeals procedure in FAQs).   


For more information, please refer to CGS’ 2022 Admissions Policy.


Chesham Grammar School’s 11 Plus Exam

As highlighted above, this school's 11 plus entrance exam is the STT, provided by TBGS using the GL Assessment. Passing the exam is crucial for admission to the school; however, it is not the only factor in the entry criteria (please see FAQs at the bottom of the page). 


On the exam day, pupils will sit two 45 minute tests (each with an extra 15 mins allocated for practice). The first test is on comprehension, technical English and verbal reasoning. The second test focuses on non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and maths. Both tests are taken on the same day, but note that there is a toilet break between each test. 


Each paper is weighted 50/50; however, the sections are not. The first paper accounts for 50% of the marks, while the second paper is split non-verbal 25% and mathematics 25%. Only 30% of candidates reach the 121 pass mark, not because the exam questions are too challenging, but because of the high number of questions that must be successfully completed within 60 minutes on each test. 


Chesham Grammar School’s 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources

Typically, parents start thinking about 11 plus exam preparation once their child begins Year 4. However, guidance on how to get prepared varies. If you're reading this thinking, "My child has not started preparing", check out this 11 Plus Guide: Six Month Countdown to learn more about how to prepare over the coming months.


While some parents prefer to invest in 11+ tutors, others prefer their child to practice using sample test papers. You can find practise papers for the GL Assessment below:


Free GL assessment English papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 3

Free GL assessment maths papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 3

Free GL assessment, verbal reasoning papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 2 Answers

Practice Paper 3

Free GL assessment non-verbal reasoning papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Free GL assessment general practice papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers


Additional Information About Chesham Grammar School


Pupils, or as the school refers to them, CGS Learners, will experience a broad and balanced curriculum that delivers the knowledge and skills to secure academic success and while encouraging a genuine passion for learning. Simultaneously, it ensures that pupils have the tools they need to succeed in a broader sense, both at school and beyond.  Subjects studied comprise of English, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), French and German or Spanish. History, Geography, PRE, Technology (Engineering, Food Technology and Textiles), Computer Science, Creative Arts (Music, Drama, Art), PE.  At KS4, additional subjects such as Economics are available.


Chesham Grammar School FAQs by Parents

What is the school's Ofsted rating?

The school's current Ofsted rating is 'Outstanding'. You can access the full report here.


CGS High School fees

This school is a selective grammar school and is non-fee paying. 


Where is the catchment area for CGS?

You can view the catchment area map here.


What score do 11+ candidates need to achieve to receive an offer for admission?

For the 2021 Secondary Transfer Test, the pass mark is predicted to be 121. Other factors are taken into consideration, such as the catchment area and pupil premiums.  


What if too many candidates score 121 in the 11+ exam?

Please refer to the 2022 Admissions Policy for the order in which the oversubscription criteria is applied.

If my child is denied a place at the school, how can I appeal?

Buckinghamshire Council manages the appeals procedure.  For information and policies relating to appeals, please click here.


CGS Uniform

Details for the full school uniform and can be found here.


Where can I view GCSE and A-LEVEL results in further detail?

The school's website has an entire page dedicated to GCSE and A-LEVEL exam results.



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