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Description: School introductionLoreto Grammar School is a Catholic grammar school for girls in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. The school has around 1000 pupils ages 11 to 18.Loreto Grammar School was founded in ...

School introduction

Loreto Grammar School is a Catholic grammar school for girls in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. The school has around 1000 pupils ages 11 to 18.

Loreto Grammar School was founded in 1909 by the global Sisters of Loreto, a Roman Catholic women’s organisation. It is part of the worldwide Loreto community of more than 120 schools. The school maintains strong links with sister schools around the world. As a Catholic school, Loreto Grammar School has a Chaplain and regular services including a weekly Mass.

The school is an academy, which means it has more control over its curriculum than most schools do. The school aims to incorporate a Christian ethos into all teaching and school life, while teaching to a high standard according to the National Curriculum.

School performance

In 2019, Loreto Grammar School had a Progress 8 score of 0.8, meaning that pupils achieve, on average, four fifths of a grade higher per subject in their GCSE examinations than other pupils with the same prior attainment. 99% of students achieved grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics.

At A-level in 2019 the average grade was B+, and 69% of students went straight into Higher Education.

Loreto Grammar School has an Outstanding Ofsted rating.

Admissions information

Loreto Grammar School will be admitting 150 girls for entry in 2022. Applicants do not need to be Catholic, but they are expected to take part in the spiritual life of the school if they are admitted.

To gain entry, applicants must pass an 11+ examination set by the school. For 2022 entry, the entrance examination will be held on Monday, 27 September 2021. Registration opens on the 26th of June. Results will be sent to parents on October 20th. This is before the Common Application Form deadline for most Local Authorities, so parents should only name Loreto Grammar School on their form if their daughter has passed the 11+ exam.

If more girls pass the exam than there are places priority is given to girls baptised as Roman Catholics who have sisters at the school, followed by Catholic girls from primary schools that have an association with Loreto Grammar School. These primary schools are Catholic faith schools in the Dioceses of Shrewsbury and Salford. Only after the girls in these categories who passed the 11+ exam have been offered places are the remaining places given first to any other baptised Catholic applicants and then applicants baptised in a different Christian denomination. Remaining places are then given to applicants who have not been baptised. Within each category, priority is given to girls with the higher 11+ score. If scores are tied priority is given to girls who live closer to the school.

In addition to registering for the 11+ exam parents must also list Loreto Grammar School as one of their options on the Common Application Form of their Local Authority.

It is also possible to join Loreto Grammar School for Sixth Form; the school intends to accept at least 20 external applicants for 2022 entry. Applicants must meet certain minimum requirements for GCSE results, and otherwise places are awarded using the same prioritisation order as for Year 7 admissions.

Admissions timeline


26 June 2021

Loreto Grammar School organises an Open Day for parents interested in Year 7 entry next year for their child. Registration for the Open Day will be available on the school website.

From 26 June 2021

Applicants must register for the Loreto Grammar School 11+ Exam

27 September 2021

All applicants sit the 11+ Exam

20 October 2021

Parents receive the results of the 11+ Exam. Pupils must pass in order to be eligible for admission.

Late October / Early November

If your child passed, you need to name Loreto Grammar School on your Common Application Form and send it to your Local Authority.

1 March 2022

Successful applicants receive offers of places at the school.


11+ examination

The 11+ Exam for Loreto Grammar School, known as The Governors’ Entrance Examination, consists of three papers: English, Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. The English section includes a comprehension exercise as well as literacy questions. The reasoning paper contains two sections of approximately the same length on verbal and non-verbal reasoning respectively. This paper takes one hour.

Sample test papers

Loreto Grammar School uses its own 11+ exam, known as The Governors’ Entrance Examination. The maths paper is set by the school itself, but it uses the exam provider GL for the English and Verbal Reasoning papers.

You can find sample test papers and familiarisation materials for the GL Assessment here.

Think Academy UK has compiled a guide to the GL Assessment, which includes a great range of free resources and sample test papers.

Additional information

-        Location: Loreto Grammar School is located near the centre of Altrincham, a town 8 miles southwest of Manchester city centre. The school is located in a suburban, leafy area, with several parks nearby. Altrincham Railway Station is also close to the school.

-        Boarding: Loreto Grammar School does not offer boarding.

Frequently asked questions

Can I visit Loreto Grammar School?

Loreto Grammar School will be holding an Open Day on Saturday, 26th June 2021 for parents interested in Year 7 entry in 2022. The school hopes that this will be possible to arrange in person. Registration for the Open Day will be available on the school website.

How do I apply?

To apply, parents must include Loreto Grammar School on the Common Application Form of their local authority. They must also register for the 11+ Exam administered by the school. The registration window for this is in the summer the year before the pupil would like to start. Parents of baptised children must also send proof of baptism to the school.

My child is doing an 11+ test for another school. Will they still have to do the test for Loreto Grammar School?

Yes. All applicants must register for and complete the Loreto Grammar School 11+ test. The school uses a unique 11+ test, so you cannot use the same test to apply to any other grammar school.

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