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Description: School IntroductionThe School offers an extensive curriculum both balanced with the National Curriculum but also including some additional elements, with many extracurricular activities and clubs whic ...

School Introduction

The School offers an extensive curriculum both balanced with the National Curriculum but also including some additional elements, with many extracurricular activities and clubs which the girls are all encouraged to take part in. The school has a strong history with music-making and therefore a large variety of choral and instrumental groups, ensembles and orchestras which all meet at lunch-time and after school. There are opportunities to learn to play musical instruments and many pupils involve themselves in this department.

An important aspect to note is that the schools chooses to not divide up the students further into ability groups in general as the school's ethos is that all students are high achievers and that ultimately dividing them in this way may not be beneficial. However, in years 8, 9, 10 and 11 they are put into sets for Mathematics decided by their personal pace of learning for this area.


Key Facts

Address: Castle Gate Close, Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 9UJ

County: Dorset

Age Range: 11-18

Type of School: Girls Grammar School

Number of Pupils: 1159

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2012)

School Performance

Progress 8 - This score indicates the progress made by pupils at the school between the end of KS2 and the end of KS4. It’s averaged against the pupils across England and based on the results in 8 key qualifications including English, Maths Sciences, Humanities and Languages. Looking at the students achievements and progress from the end of primary school and throughout secondary school. This is therefore a useful comparison and can highlight schools in which students show large improvements or alternately in which students seem to underachieve after their time at the school. Out of the 5 degrees, the schools achieving ‘above average’ and ‘well above average’ scores make up just 31% of schools in the UK, the rest being average or below average. The score of 0 represents around the national average grade, hence a score of 0.42 means that students are achieving around 42% of a grade higher than the national average. With a score of 1 representing a whole grade higher than national average.

Attainment 8: 71.2 - This score indicates the performance of students in 8 key qualifications - the same as progress 8, comparatively to the other schools in the local authority, then in England on average.


Admissions Information

Pupils must take admissions tests in Mathematics, English, and Verbal Reasoning. All tests are set to be appropriate for the pupils in their final year of the KS2 national curriculum. It is acknowledged that students are unlikely to have covered all the subjects that are tested — the tests take account of this, being aware that certain questions are meant to be challenging and new.

There is a specific set of selection tests for the four schools named ‘The Consortium’ this includes Bournemouth School for Girls, Bournemouth School, Parkstone Grammar School and Poole Grammar School so that children whose parents wish for them to be considered admission for more than one of these schools, need only to take one test.

Applicants must complete a registration form to be eligible to sit the entrance tests. These are sat at either Bournemouth School for Girls or Parkstone Grammar School – this year on the 25th of September 2021 and online registration takes place in April. You can find more information through this link:

Practice Test Papers.

Mathematics (GL Assessment) –Time Allowed: 50 minutes. The Mathematics paper is based on work which candidates would normally cover during Key Stage 2 of the national curriculum. It covers most aspects of Key Stage 2, up to level 5, with some questions aimed at level 6.

English (GL Assessment –Time Allowed: 45 minutes Time Allowed: 45 minutes. The English paper tests comprehension, vocabulary and punctuation.

Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessment) –Time Allowed: 50 minutes. This test is designed to analyse a pupil’s academic potential and indicate areas of strength or weakness.

The three GL Assessment papers, questions are of a multiple-choice style, with candidates entering their answers on a pre-printed sheet. Scores achieved in these papers are standardised against national criteria by age. All GL Assessment tests are designed to be taken to very strict time limits.

The school’s designated catchment area is defined below: Pupils living in postcodes BH1 to BH11. In addition, pupils living in the postcodes BH12 5xx, BH23 1xx, BH23 2xx & BH23 3xx

GL Assessment has produced a set of 11+ familiarisation papers covering Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. These are available online for parents and students to download free of charge at

Further packs of practice papers can be purchased from major bookstores or on-line from

GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers (multiple choice

English ISBN 978 0 7087 1984 8

Mathematics ISBN 978 0 7087 1985 5

Verbal Reasoning ISBN 978 0 7087 1987 9

Key Admissions Dates for September 2022


19th April 2021

Registration for Testing Opens

10th September 2021

Registration for Testing Closes

25th September 2021

Entrance Test will take place.

15th October 2021

Test results sent out by first class post.

31st October 2021

Closing date for local authority school preferences and application form.

1st March 2022

Offers of school places sent out by local authority.



Outstanding Ofsted Report 2012

This information was taken from the schools webpage:,overall%20verdict%20of%20'outstanding'.

BSG was given the highest praise in its last ofsted report. Inspectors working under a new much tougher inspection framework rated the school 'outstanding' in all four categories in which judgments are made, leading to an overall verdict of 'outstanding'.

For a school to be judged 'outstanding ' teaching must now be of this standard. Inspectors commented that they had never seen so many 'outstanding' lessons on a school inspection visit.

Inspectors noted 'Students are motivated, inspired and enthused by an outstanding quality of teaching.'

'The students' behaviour is nothing short of exemplary. They are considerate, courteous and polite and, as a result, the school is calm and welcoming.'

'Students are proud of their school and its work. They cherish the many and varied opportunities they have to take responsibility.

'Students commented that the school is happy and harmonious. A positive atmosphere permeates the school.'

Inspectors also comment on the 'clear and visionary leadership from the headteacher' and that 'there is an unstinting pursuit for excellence led by the headteacher and the governing body and supported by all staff.' Parents also agreed that the school is 'led and managed extraordinarily well.'

Alistair Brien, Headteacher since 2004, commented on the report:

'I am delighted that Inspectors have confirmed what I already knew – BSG is a very special place to be and I am delighted that inspectors were able to get a sense of this during their time with us. My sincere thanks go to staff, pupils, governors and parents who contributed to such a glowing report.'


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