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Description: Colchester County High School for Girlsis an all-girls grammar school in Colchester, Essex. The school ranks as one of the highest in the UK for GCSE and A-LEVEL results and its Progress 8 score. Scro ...

 Colchester County High School for Girls is an all-girls grammar school in Colchester, Essex. The school ranks as one of the highest in the UK for GCSE and A-LEVEL results and its Progress 8 score. Scroll down for more information about the school's admissions process, how to get prepared for the 11 plus exam, and frequently asked questions from parents. 


School details:


Address: Colchester County High School for Girls, Norman Way, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3US

County: Essex

Type of school: Girls' Grammar School (Academy Converter)

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Number of pupils: 1,033

Admissions to Year 7: 192

Open evening (2022 entry): TBD. 

11+ exam date (2022 entry): 18th September 2021

Exam board: CSSE Essex Test

Admissions phone number: 01206 576973

Admissions email address:


A Brief Overview of Colchester County High School for Girls’ School Performance

In 1909 the school was established as a grammar school for girls in North Essex. Today, it is a Grammar Academy and part of the Alpha Trust, a multi-academy trust of schools including The Gilberd School, Manningtree High, and Home Farm Primary School. The trust's goal is to expand the academic resources and opportunities available to its schools, helping students achieve academic excellence. 


In 2019, 74% of pupils achieved grades 8-9 at GCSE, and almost 60% achieved A* - A grades at A-LEVEL, with Year 12 students receiving offers from the nation's top universities. Data from the government website highlights that the school's pre-pandemic Progress 8 score is 1.01. This means that pupils achieve a whole grade higher at GCSE than predicted based on their primary school attainment. And while the school ranks as the joint highest performing grammar school, it ranks highly amongst all schools in its local authority. When it comes to specialist subjects, the school was one of the first specialist science schools in the UK. It also specialises in modern foreign languages. 


Colchester County High School for Girls Admission Process: 2022 Entry 

For the 2022 entry to this school, your child should now be preparing to sit the 11 plus exam this September. Colchester County High School for Girls is part of the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE), and the 11 plus exam date for the CSSE test is 18th September 2021. Scroll down to view upcoming events and key dates for getting prepared. 



18th May 2021 - Visit the CSSE's website to register for the 11 plus exam.

You'll need to create an account to submit a form, known as the Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Enter the name of the school you are applying to on behalf of your child. Then, please choose from the list of available test centres; they are listed in order of proximity to the school. Alternatively, you can download and return the form to The Secretary to the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex, King Edward VI Grammar School, Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3XS. 


June 2021 - The deadline for submitting the CSSE's test registration form.

This is yet to be announced. However, in 2020 registration was only open for a limited time in May/June. Please refer to this page, as it is updated regularly. 


24th July 2021 - Confirmation letter.

You will receive a confirmation letter detailing the test centre your child should attend to sit the 11 plus exam. If you reside in the UK but do not live in Essex, you will need to travel to your allocated test centre. Parents of overseas candidates should contact CSSE directly to discuss alternative arrangements. 


18th September 2021 - CSSE 11 plus exam.

This is the date of your daughter's 11 plus exam. You should attend the test centre with your daughter and follow the instructions outlined by CSSE. 

31st October 2021 -  Common Application Form (CAF) deadline.

You will also need to submit the Common Application Form for this school by submitting it to Essex County Council. 


December 2021 - 11+ exam test results.

Subject to no delays, you can expect to receive your daughter's test results in December. Please note that this changes every year, as results are only sent out once 'late sitters' (candidates who could not take the exam on the 18th of September) have completed the exam. 


1st March 2022 - National Offer Day.

On national offer today, you will receive official confirmation of your daughter's place at Colchester County High School for Girls. Once you have it, you can start preparing for the Year 7 transition in September 2022. 


15th March 2022 - Deadline to accept or appeal the decision.

By this date, you must inform your local authority of your decision to accept or reject the allocated secondary school. Parents who reject will have to begin the appeals process (please refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page).



For more information about admissions for the 2022 entry, you can view the school's Admissions Policy for the academic year 2022/2023


Preparing for Colchester County High School for Girls' 11 Plus Exam

With 190 places available for prospective pupils, successful candidates will be selected based on their performance in the CSSE's 11 plus exam. As the exam is now scheduled for September, your daughter should be getting prepared. If she has not started preparing yet, it is not too late. Discover Help your Child Become 11 Plus-Ready in the Six-Month Countdown to the exam for support in approaching exam readiness and preparation. For parents who are unsure where to begin, you might like to check out this Top 10 Tips to Pass the 11+ Exam guide. 


Colchester County High School for Girls 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources

The CSSE is the provider of the 11 plus exam tests for this school. There are two equally weighted parts to the exam; English (50%) and maths (50%). Your daughter will be required to sit both tests on the same day. 


The English test includes questions about grammar and vocabulary, comprehension, creative writing, and 'applied reasoning' (literacy and verbal). Questions included in the maths test are similar to those your daughter will be familiar with from the KS2 new national curriculum. However, it will also have some 'applied reasoning (maths/non-verbal). 


Below you will find a selection of CSSE's familiarisation papers from previous tests. It would help if you encouraged your daughter to practise using these, as it will help her get used to the question style. You can download the papers and the mark scheme for free, and you can refer to the mark scheme to check their answers. 



English Continuous Writing Paper

English Paper

English Paper Mark Scheme

Maths Paper

Maths Paper Mark Scheme



English Continuous Writing Paper

English Paper

English Paper Mark Scheme

Maths Paper

Maths Paper Mark Scheme



English Continuous Writing Paper

English Paper

English Paper Mark Scheme

Maths Paper

Maths Paper Mark Scheme


You can also order test paper packs from the CSSE website. Each pack contains two papers and costs £15.50 each. Alternatively, there are additional 11+ resources available to download digitally for free. You can easily print these at home to support your daughter's study plan. 


Additional Information about Colchester County High School for Girls 

Strong academic performance is not the only reason for choosing a school. For many parents, the facilities, and extracurricular activities available are equally important. Students enjoy opportunities for two language exchange trips per year to France and Germany. For students interested in drama and theatre, the school puts on two annual productions. Year 7 pupils are encouraged to partake in productions about Dickens and Shakespeare as part of their curriculum. For the musically gifted (and those who aspire to be), there are opportunities to learn the recorder, flute, guitar, and more!


The school competes in most sports on a local, regional, and national level. Students can choose from various extracurricular PE activities and sports clubs, including athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, dance, fitness, football, netball, running, rounders, swimming, table tennis, tennis, trampolining, yoga, and Zumba.


Social media 


Colchester County High School for Girls Facebook 

Colchester County High School for Girls Twitter


Colchester County High School for Girls Parent FAQs


What is the school's Ofsted rating?

The school's current Ofsted rating is 'Outstanding'. You can access the full report here


Colchester County High School for Girls fees

This school is a selective grammar school and is non-fee paying. 


Where is the catchment area for Colchester County High School for Girls?

The school will accept admissions from pupils who live in Essex and outside of the county. 


What score do 11+ candidates need to achieve to receive an offer for admission?

320 is the score most candidates will need to achieve to receive an offer of a place at the school. The school will offer a proportion of the 192 places available to select students who scored 320 and are from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes children who receive free school meals or are/have previously been in care. 


How should I submit an appeal?


If you haven’t been offered the school place you wanted, Essex County Council advises parents/guardians to watch this video before making any decision on what to do next. You should then lodge an appeal via their online form, in the first instance. Or complete the admission appeal form (Word, 43KB) and email it to

Is there a waiting list?

In the event that you are advised of your child’s place on the waiting list, please refer to this page for advice from Essex County Council. Please note that it is ultimately the school’s decision as to where on the waiting list your child is placed.

What is the oversubscription criteria?

The following information is from the 2022 Admissions Policy: The CSSE operates a co-ordinated testing system providing access to selective places for all CSSE schools via a single set of tests. The local authority will be notified of the Order of Merit score of all candidates who have expressed a preference for this school so that it can decide whether to offer a place on the basis of satisfying the highest preference of school indicated by the candidate on the LA’s application form. Places will be allocated in the following order:

(i) Looked After Children (LAC) or Previously Looked After Children (PLAC) who score 320 or above in the selection test.

(ii) Up to 20 places will be allocated to the highest-scoring candidates on the Order of Merit List who are eligible for the pupil premium on the date that the 11+ test is taken and who achieve a standardised test score of 320 or above.

(iii) Places will then be allocated in descending score order from the Rank Order of Merit List, highest-scoring first, until all PAN places are filled.



Colchester County High School for Girls School Uniform

You can find all the details related to the requirements for the school uniform here. 


Where can I view GCSE and A-LEVEL results in further detail?

Results by subject and exam year, in addition to other metrics, can be viewed here.


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