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Description: Southend High School for Boys (SHSB) is a selective all-boys grammar school in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The school is top-rated both in its local area and further afield, with pupils travelling across ...


Southend High School for Boys (SHSB) is a selective all-boys grammar school in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The school is top-rated both in its local area and further afield, with pupils travelling across Essex and East London to attend. Admission is granted based on candidates performance in the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) 11+ exam. This page has everything parents and carers need to know about the school and the 2022 entry admissions procedure, with key dates and preparation guidance regarding the 11 plus exam.


School details:


Address: Southend High School for Boys, Prittlewell Chase, Southend-on-Sea, SS0 0RG

County: Essex

Type of school: Boys’ Grammar School (Academy Converter)

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding (View Report)

Number of pupils: 1,258

Admissions to Year 7: 180

Open evening (2022 entry): 24th June 2021 

11+ exam date (2022 entry): 18th September 2021

Exam board: CSSE Essex Test

Admissions phone number: 01702 606200

Admissions email address:


A Brief Overview of Southend High School for Boys and the School’s Performance


Founded in 1895, the school converted to Academy status in 2011, which means that it enjoys a greater degree of flexibility over its curriculum, school holidays and admissions procedure. Since 2001, the school has been recognised for its continued promotion of Modern Foreign Languages, and it now has a language learning specialism.

The school is considerably oversubscribed due to its pupils’ high performance at GCSE level. Most boys progress to the school’s mixed Sixth Form for A-LEVEL study, with a small number of students invited to join from other schools, including girls.

Each of the tables below detail the latest official government data (2018/19) detailing GCSE performance in comparison to both local authority and national averages.

Progress 8 score: 0.53: this means that, on average, pupils are likely to achieve half a grade higher than expected based on predictions made from primary school attainment data. For instance, if based on your child’s KS2 SATs results, they were predicted a ‘B’ in GCSE maths, they are more likely to achieve an ‘A’ at this school.  

Attainment 8 score: 73.1:
Schools get a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications.


Due to the pandemic, last year’s A-LEVEL data is yet to be released. However, based on results from the year, A-LEVEL pupils at this school secured “B” on average, which is higher than the local authority and national average of “C”. Additionally,  45% of pupils achieved at least one “A” grade, and in 2019 pupils received offers from the country’s top universities including University of Cambridge, Exeter, Durham and Nottingham. Fourteen students went on to study medicine or veterinary science at university, the most challenging of degrees. 


Southend High School for Boys’ Admissions Process: 2022 Entry


For the 2022 entry to this school, your child should now be preparing to sit the 11 plus exam this September. SHSB is part of the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE), and the 11 plus exam date for the CSSE test is 18th September 2021. Scroll down to view upcoming events and key dates for getting prepared.




18th May 2021 – 11+ test registration opens

Visit the CSSE’s website to register for the 11 plus exam. You’ll need to create an account to submit a form, known as the Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Enter the name of the school you are applying to on behalf of your child. Then, please choose from the list of available test centres; they are listed in order of proximity to the school.

24th June 2021 – SHSB open evening

For 2021 SHSB is planning to hold a standard open evening for prospective pupils. The open evening is from 4.30 to 8.00 pm, with three talks from the Headteacher throughout the evening at 5.46, 6.45, and 8.00 pm. There are no requirements to register for the event in advance.

July 2021 – 11+ test registration deadline

The deadline for submitting the CSSE’s test registration form is yet to be announced. While there are many tentative dates floating around, SHSB’s website states that the closing date will be in July 2021. 

24th July 2021 – Test venue details

You will receive a confirmation letter detailing the test centre your child should attend to sit the 11 plus exam. If you reside in the UK but do not live in Essex, you will need to travel to your allocated test centre. Parents of overseas candidates should contact CSSE directly to discuss alternative arrangements. 

18th September 2021 – CSSE 11+ exam

This is the 11 plus exam. You should attend the test centre with the candidate and follow the instructions outlined by CSSE. 

31st October 2021 – Common Application Form (CAF) deadline. 

You will also need to submit the Common Application Form for this school by submitting it to Essex County Council.  – Please ensure you list the school as an option on this form.

October 2021 – Test results emailed to parents. 

Subject to no delays, you can expect to receive test results from CSSE in October, 2021. Please note that this changes every year, as results are only sent out once ‘late sitters’ (candidates who could not take the exam on 18th  September) have completed the exam. 

1st March 2022 – National Offer Day

Also known as National Allocation Day, your local authority will inform you of your application’s outcome.

15th March 2022 – Offer decision deadline

By this date, you must inform your local authority of your decision to accept or reject the allocated secondary school. Parents who reject will have to begin the appeals process (please refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page).


For more information, please see SHSB’S 2022 Admissions Policy.


Southend High School for Boys’ 11 Plus Exam

With 180 coveted places, admission is achieved through passing CSSE’s 11 plus exam. While CSSE does not advise intense preparation in advance, many parents will continue to support their child to prepare, using a mixture of practice papers and private tuition.


With the SHSB’s 11+ test only months away, most parents will be helping their child with final preparations to ensure they are exam ready. You can check out these valuable 11 plus exam resources to support your child’s study plan. If you are reading this and concerned that your child may have left it too late to get prepared, or you have had a change of heart in how you are helping your child to get prepared, do not fear. There is still plenty of time to get ready, and you may wish to start by reading this excellent Six Month Countdown to the 11 Plus Exam guide for parents, filled with helpful tips and resources.


Southend High School for Boys’ 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources


The CSSE is the provider of the 11 plus exam tests for this school. There are two equally weighted parts to the exam; English (50%) and maths (50%). Your son will be required to sit both tests on the same day. 


The English test includes questions about grammar and vocabulary, comprehension, creative writing, and ‘applied reasoning’ (literacy and verbal). Questions included in the maths test are similar to those your son will be familiar with from the KS2 new national curriculum. However, it will also have some ‘applied reasoning (maths/non-verbal). 


Below you will find a selection of CSSE’s familiarisation papers from previous tests. It would help if you encouraged your son to practise using these, as it will help him get used to the question style. You can download the papers and the mark scheme for free, and you can refer to the mark scheme to check their answers. 



English Continuous Writing Paper

English Paper

English Paper Mark Scheme

Maths Paper

Maths Paper Mark Scheme



English Continuous Writing Paper

English Paper

English Paper Mark Scheme

Maths Paper

Maths Paper Mark Scheme



English Continuous Writing Paper

English Paper

English Paper Mark Scheme

Maths Paper

Maths Paper Mark Scheme

You can also order test paper packs from the CSSE website. Each pack contains two test papers and costs £15.50 each. Alternatively, there are additional 11+ resources available to download digitally for free. You can easily print these at home to support your son’s study plan.


Additional Information about Southend High School for Boys


Parents will find it particularly interesting that the school offers boys the opportunity to select their GCSE options in Year 8 to begin studying for their GCSE exams a year early, in Year 9. The Department for Education recommends that students study English (both English Language and English Literature), maths, science (triple award Chemistry, Biology, and Physics), and RE. Due to the school’s specialism, pupils also need to study a language; however, boys are free to choose their GCSE subjects. While more choices are made in Year 9, pupils cannot change their options once in Year 10 if they have not studied the subject in Year 9. That’s why their Year 8 options are very important, and it is not standard procedure in all secondary schools. To learn more, you can read the Year 8 options booklet.


There are tons of extra-curricular activities on offer at the school and a dedicated selection specifically for Year 7 pupils. These are an excellent opportunity for your child to break the ice with their peers, supporting them with the settling in process. Additionally, these clubs provide opportunities for young pupils to develop new interests and hobbies. Gone are the days of a minimal selection, including the proverbial chess club and board games society (both of which are still on offer). Now, pupils can choose from a more diverse selection of after school clubs, including philosophy and ethics society, German film club and war games!


Official social media:



SHSB Parent FAQs


What is the School’s Ofsted rating?

The school’s current Ofsted rating is ‘Outstanding’. You can access the full report here.


SHSB fees:

This school is a selective grammar school and is non-fee paying. 


Where is the catchment area for SHSB

The pass-mark is the same for all children taking the 11+; this year the pass-mark was 303. The school’s annual admission number is 180. Our admission criteria state that of those 180 places, 5/6ths (150) have to be reserved for children whose parents’ primary residence (as assessed in the terms provided, annually, in the Southend Local Authority secondary admissions booklet) lies within the postcode areas SS0, SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS8 and SS9 (priority area), subject to their passing the selection tests. Places are allocated by Local Authorities according to the school’s rank ordered list, which is compiled by the CSSE once all papers have been marked. If there are fewer than 150 children from the priority area who have scored the pass-mark or higher, then more places are available for candidates whose parents’ primary residence lies outside the priority area. Therefore, the number of children who come from schools outside the priority area will fluctuate from one year to the next.

What score do 11+ candidates need to achieve to receive an offer for admission?

This varies from year to year, and the school itself will not know the cut-off scores for next year until places are offered to applicants in the second half of the Spring Term.  It is not possible, therefore, to give a clear answer to this question.

What if too many candidates apply?

In this instance, the oversubscription criteria will apply. Please refer to the 2022 Admissions Policy. 


What is the SHSB appeals process?

While no information about the appeals process has been released for 2022 entry, the school’s website has a dedicated page for appeals with all the relevant information necessary for parents.


SHSB uniform

You can learn more about the school uniform here. 


Where can I view GCSE and A-LEVEL results in further detail?

The school’s website has not published exam results, but information about school exams is available here. 

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