Woodford County High School

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Description: School IntroductionWoodford County High School takes pride in its sense of community, vibrant, purposeful and friendly atmosphere which cultivates strong relationships. They particularly mention their ...

School Introduction 

Woodford County High School takes pride in its sense of community, vibrant, purposeful and friendly atmosphere which cultivates strong relationships. They particularly mention their regular events and shows, many of which the girls at the school play a role in organising. This allows the students from all year groups to work together and build relationships outside of their age brackets. The school focuses on developing the skills both academically and mentally for the girls to take on whatever challenges the future holds. The school building started as an elegant manor house from the Georgian era, and has grown around this, keeping in-tact these old and distinctive surroundings.


Key Facts 

Address: High Rd, Woodford Green, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 9LA

County: Redbridge

Type of School: Girls Grammar School and Sixth Form. 

Age of Attendance: 11-18 

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2009

Number of Pupils: 1154


School Performance - Key Figures at GCSE Results (2019):  

Progress 8 - This score indicates the progress made by pupils at the school between the end of KS2 and the end of KS4. It’s averaged against the pupils across England and based on the results in 8 key qualifications including English, Maths Sciences, Humanities and Languages. Looking at the students achievements and progress from the end of primary school and throughout secondary school. This is therefore a useful comparison and can highlight schools in which students show large improvements or alternately in which students seem to underachieve after their time at the school. Out of the 5 degrees, the schools achieving ‘above average’ and ‘well above average’ scores make up just 31% of schools in the UK, the rest being average or below average. The score of 0 represents around the national average grade, hence a score of 1.17 means that students are achieving above a whole grade higher than the national average. With a score of 1 representing one grade higher than national average.

Attainment 8 score: 78.8 - This score indicates the performance of students in 8 key qualifications - the same as progress 8, comparatively to the other schools in the local authority, then in England on average.


Admission Information 

The school being a grammar school, it has a selective admissions procedure, with places being offered on the basis of results in the 11+ selection test. Students who live within the Common Catchment area will be given priority in receiving places. Going into Year 7 there are 180 places available. Generally the academic standard of pupils applying to the school is very high, so it is advised to make sure your child has strong ability in order to take the tests.  The school is often oversubscribed so good performance on the test cannot always guarantee entry.  For the admissions process, you firstly must register the candidate online to take the test. They will then take the test and the 180 candidates with the highest scores, who have also put the school as FIRST CHOICE on their local authority school choices form, and are within the catchment area will be offered a place. There is a basic passmark for the test which is set at 104, students who achieve lower than this on the test will not be considered for admission but will be added to the waiting list.


Key Admissions Dates - for 2021 entry - 2022 entry is not available yet but likely to follow a similar structure.


1st May 2020

Registration for the test opens.

24th June 2020 at 5pm

Registration for the test closes.

Saturday 21st November 2020

The test will take place.

8th December 2020

11+ Test Results released.

10th December 2020

Last chance to change school preferences on application form.

After December 14th 2020

Application status information released



Familiarisation Guides for the 11+ exam.  

The school uses the 11+ test run by the CEM examination board.


A familiarisation booklet for the test can be found through this link, and more information is available on the Redbridge Council website;




Additional Information 



The curriculum at the school is academic and designed to stimulate and challenge the students. The core curriculum in the early years is designed to be broad allowing students to have good grounding in all significant disciplines as set out by the national curriculum, but also allowing them to explore outside of this so that they can confidently make more specialized choices at A-Level and GCSE.



The school offers three levels of extra-curricular activities these are classed into; academic, enrichment, and sport. Most of these clubs are free to join but one or two include some specific fees where specialised equipment is required. The opportunities at the school at the moment can be found at this link here;


This includes singing, art therapy, dance, classics society, intermediate cooking, and many more.

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