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Description: School introductionDenmark Road High School is a grammar school for girls in Gloucester. Until 2019 the school was known as High School for Girls. The Sixth Form at the school is mixed, but the younge ...

School introduction

Denmark Road High School is a grammar school for girls in Gloucester. Until 2019 the school was known as High School for Girls. The Sixth Form at the school is mixed, but the younger years are exclusively for girls. The school has around 900 pupils aged 11 to 18.

Denmark Road High School is an academy, meaning it has more control over its curriculum than most schools. Volunteering is valued highly; students volunteer at food banks and homeless shelters, and residents of a local care home are invited to tea parties at the school. The school has successful teams in a range of sports, particularly netball, hockey and badminton. Other clubs at the school include a range of art clubs, maths clubs and music clubs. The school provides tuition for a range of instruments; this is available to all interested students.

The school is located in central Gloucester, next to Gloucester Cathedral. The Cathedral hosts the school’s annual Honours Evening, as well as an annual Charity Concert and Christmas Carol Service.

School performance

Denmark Road High School is ranked 53rd among UK state schools in terms of GCSE results, with 70% of all grades at GCSE being 9-7.

At A-level, 38% of grades were A or A* in 2019.

Denmark Road High School has been recognised as the best secondary school in Gloucestershire for two years running by the Real Schools Guide.

Admissions information

Denmark Road High School accepted 150 students for 2021 entry. Interested parents must apply for their daughter to sit the Gloucestershire Entrance Test 11+ Exam the year before their proposed entry into Year 7. The registration window is in June, and the exam normally takes place in September, although it was moved to October in 2020 due to the pandemic. Students must pass this test to the required standard in order to be considered for a place.

Parents must also put Denmark Road High School as one of their choices on the Common Application Form of their Local Authority. In normal years, 11+ results will be sent to parents in advance of the CAF deadline, so parents whose daughter does not pass the 11+ Exam should not apply to Denmark Road High School.

If more girls pass the 11+ Exam than there are places, then admission is simply given to those with the highest scores. It does not matter whether a girl lives in Gloucester or Gloucestershire or not, but parents should ensure it is possible for their daughter to get to school on time each morning.

Unsuccessful parents whose daughter did pass the 11+ Exam can request a place on the waiting list in the week following allocation day in March.

Boys and girls can apply for admission into the Sixth Form at Denmark Road High School. There are a minimum of 35 places for external students each year. Applicants must meet minimum GCSE results and apply on the school website.

Admissions timeline


17 May - 30 June 2021

Children applying for 2022 entry must be registered for the Gloucestershire Entrance Test 11+ Exam. A link to the registration form will become available on the school website.

6 September 2021 (latest date)

All parents will receive details about their test centre and timings on the day of the test.

11 September 2021

All applicants must sit the Gloucestershire Entrance Test.

Late October or early November 2021

Parents must include Denmark Road High School on their Common Application Form and submit it to their Local Authority.

1 March 2022

Successful girls will receive offers from the school. Unsuccessful parents can request a place for their child on the school’s waiting list.


11+ examination

The Gloucestershire Entrance Test uses the CEM 11+ exam, which involves maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. The exam consists of two papers, each lasting an hour. Within each paper there may be several individually timed sections; candidates will be told how much time they have for each section before that section begins. All questions are multiple-choice. Test scores are standardised based on the applicant’s age.

Sample test papers

CEM, the exam provider, has published familiarisation booklets for the maths and non-verbal reasoning parts of the exam. For the verbal reasoning component they have produced separate familiarisation booklets for comprehension questions and word choice questions.

Think Academy UK has compiled a guide to the CEM Assessment, which includes a great range of free resources and sample test papers.

Additional information

-        Location: Denmark Road High School is located in the Kingsholm area of central Gloucester. In addition to Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester Railway Station, Gloucester Rugby Stadium and a number of parks are nearby. The large school playing fields are next to the school, along with six tennis courts.

-        Boarding: Denmark Road High School does not offer boarding, but it does operate a system of five houses. All pupils are allocated a house when they join the school. Pupils represent their house in sports competitions and at other events.

Frequently asked questions

Can I visit Denmark Road High School?

Although it is not currently possible to visit Denmark Road High School due to coronavirus restrictions the school welcomes visitors in normal times. Parents can call or email the school in order to arrange a visit. There is also a virtual tour available on the school website.

I missed the registration deadline for the 11+ Exam. Can I still apply to Denmark Road High School?

Check the school website – they may offer the opportunity to register late or to sit the test late. If your child passes the test they may be placed on the waiting list of the school.

Does the school have a catchment area?

Denmark Road High School does not have a catchment area.

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