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Description: Stroud High Schoolis an Outstanding all-girls grammar school located in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Frequently included on the nation’s league tables for the highest performing grammar schools, Stroud H ...


Stroud High School is an Outstanding all-girls grammar school located in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Frequently included on the nation’s league tables for the highest performing grammar schools, Stroud High School is wholly selective in admissions. This page has everything parents need to learn more about the school’s performance and admissions procedure; and information related to its 11+ entrance examination. 


School details:


Address: Stroud High School. Beards Lane, Cainscross Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4HF

County: Gloucestershire

Type of School: Girls’ Grammar School Academy Converter

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding (View full report)

Number of pupils: 992

Admissions to Year 7 (PAN): 150

Open day (2022 entry): Friday 25th June 2021

11+ exam date (2022 entry): Saturday 11th September 2021

Exam board: CEM 

Admissions phone number: 01453 764441  

Admissions email address: 


Brief Overview of Stroud High School and the School’s Performance


Founded as a girls’ secondary school in 1904 under the motto, “Trouthe and Honour, Fredom and Curteisye”, the present-day school, an academy, use the more modern “A learning partnership valuing respect, personal best ... and a spirit of fun”. The school sits in a unique geographical location, with over 60 feeder schools from both the local area and scattered throughout the Cotswolds. Consequently, the school receiving many applications, thus increasing competition to secure a place in Year 7.

Another contributing factor to the high number of applications is the school’s solid academic performance. As the data below from highlights, the School’s GCSE and A-LEVEL results exceed both the local authority and national average, in some cases by almost 100%.


Progress 8 score: 0.9: this means that, on average, pupils are likely to achieve almost an entire grade higher than expected than predictions made based on their primary school attainment. For instance, if based on your child’s KS2 SATs results, they were predicted a ‘B’ in GCSE maths, they are more likely to achieve an ‘A’ at this School. 

Attainment 8 score: 75.7:
Schools get a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications.


The school has a mixed sixth form, and boys are girls invited to join from both Gloucestershire and beyond. The sixth form is extensive, with over 500 students. This is because it is joint a neighbouring all-boys grammar school. Stroud High School’s Year 13 students perform very well in their A-LEVELS, with 80% of students scoring A*-B, comfortably placing it in the top 30 best performing state schools in the country on account of its impressive A-LEVEL results.


Stroud High School Admissions Process: 2022 Entry

The school can select the very highest talent; eligibility for admission to the school is based on candidates’ performance in the entrance exam. Please note that this is only one part of the admissions procedure, and passing the exam does not automatically guarantee admission. You can find full details on how to apply, in addition to key dates in the calendar, using the table below. 

17th May 2021 (noon) Entrance exam registration opens

This is when parents can begin notifying the school of their intention for their child to sit the 11 plus exam. Please note that the application is online, and you can access it here.

25th June 2021 Stroud High School’s Open Day for KS2 pupils

It’s essential to check the school’s website for updates on Open Day, as this will depend on the current Coronavirus situation. On this day, parents of KS2 pupils and prospective Year 7 pupils are invited to tour the school and meet staff and pupils.

30th June 2021 Deadline for the entrance exam registration.

This is the deadline for registering a candidate to sit the 11 plus exam in September 2021, failing to register by the deadline risks having to make a second application for the Entrance Post Primary Transfer Test.

11th September 2021 Stroud High School 11+ test

The 11 plus entrance exam for Stroud High School 2022 entry will take place on this date. Subject to successful registration, the school will communicate details regarding the location and time of the test.

31st October 2021 Deadline for CAF submission

Please submit the Common Application Form to your local authority; you must list Stroud High school as one of the preferences to be offered a place.

1st March 2022 National Offer Day

Also known as National Allocation Day, your local authority will inform you of your application’s outcome.

15th March 2022 Deadline for offer decision.

By this date, you must inform your local authority of your decision to accept or reject the allocated secondary school. Parents who reject will have to begin the appeals process (please refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page).


For more information, please refer to Stroud High School’s 2022 Admissions Policy.


Stroud High School’s 11 Plus Exam 

Like the other grammar schools in Gloucestershire, Stroud High School uses the CEM (Durham University) assessment as its 11 plus test provider. The CEM assessment is a more challenging 11 plus exam, as the questions vary each year, and there are significant time limitations. Candidates can expect to sit two 45-minute test papers (each with 15 mins allocated for practice questions), assessing verbal-reasoning, numerical, and non-verbal reasoning. Please note that CEM bases its exam questions on the style candidates will already be familiar with from their KS2 new national curriculum studies.

There is no pre-determined pass mark for this entrance exam; scores are standardised based on the performance of all candidates combined. For more information on preparing for the 11 plus exam, please refer to 11+ Exam, Our Top 10 Tips to Pass.

Most parents begin preparing their child for the 11 plus exam once they start Year 4, but with that said, there is no right or wrong time to start preparing. If your child will be sitting the 11 plus exam this September, this 11 Plus Guide: Six Month Countdown is a helpful resource for parents who may feel they have left things a little late.


Stroud High School’s 11 Plus Exam Sample Test Papers and Resources

Sample or familiarisation papers are practical resources that can help 11 plus exam candidates feel more at ease when it comes to the test day. It is important to note that CEM purposely chooses not to publish past papers so that candidates do not rigorously practice in advance. CEM also believe that this makes the 11 plus exam fairer for all candidates. However, CEM does provide one set of familiarisation papers to schools each year.

Many parents believe that utilising these papers and more general mock tests can help their child better prepare. Because of the high number of questions that require answering in a relatively short timeframe, candidates are often unable to complete the test. For example, one past CEM test only gave pupils 15 minutes to answer 25 maths questions and 15 minutes to answer 60 verbal reasoning questions.

Therefore, we’ve included the official familiarisation papers for the 2021 CEM 11 plus entrance exam below (the same documents are available from the Stroud High School website). You will also find additional practice materials.


Official Familiarisation Papers for 2022 Entry

Comprehension Familiarisation Sheet 2022 Entry

Maths Familiarisation Sheet 2022 Entry

Non-verbal Reasoning Familiarisation Sheet 2022 Entry

Word Choice Familiarisation Sheet 2022 Entry  


Additional Resources

Free CEM assessment maths papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Free CEM assessment English and verbal reasoning papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2 With Answers

Free CEM assessment non-verbal reasoning papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 Answers

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 2 Answers

Free CEM assessment general papers:

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 2

Practice Paper 3

Practice Paper 4

Practice Paper 5


Additional Information about Stroud High School

The School’s website states that the curriculum on offer is both “broad and balanced”, and girls will learn a wide variety of subjects in both Key Stage 3 and 4. 50% of students learn a musical instrument, with many showcasing their talents during both radio and television performances! The school also encourages drama activities through plays, complete with trips to the theatre. For those students with an artistic flair, there are several art-related activities to enjoy. Students can choose to work with local artists, participate in photography competitions, and more!

There are also many language exchanges to France, Germany, Spain, and exciting trips abroad, such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg and even as far away as Myanmar!


Stroud High School’s Parent FAQs

What is the School’s Ofsted rating?

The school’s current Ofsted rating is ‘Outstanding’. You can access the full report here.


Is Stroud High School fee paid?

This school is a selective grammar school and is non-fee paying. 


Where is the catchment area for Stroud High School?

This school does not have a catchment area.


What score do 11+ candidates need to achieve to receive an offer for admission?

There is no pre-determined pass mark. The score will be standardised once all candidates have taken the exam.


What if too many candidates apply?

In this instance, the oversubscription criteria will apply. Please refer to the 2022 Admissions Policy.


What is the Stroud High School appeals process?

The following is from the 2022 Admissions Policy: “There is a system of appeals against non-admission, and details of how to lodge a request for an appeal will be issued when places are offered. It is the school’s policy to accept only one appeal application for each student in an academic year unless there is a significant change of circumstances relevant to the application.” You can read more information about appeals here.

Stroud High School’s Uniform

Full details on the school uniform are here.


Where can I view GCSE and A-LEVEL results in further detail?

The school’s website has not published exam results, but information about school exams is available here.

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