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Description: The Latymer SchoolSchool introductionThe Latymer School is a historic grammar school in Edmonton, London. Established in 1624, the school now has more than 1300 pupils, and admits both boys and girls. ...

School introduction

The Latymer School is a historic grammar school in Edmonton, London. Established in 1624, the school now has more than 1300 pupils, and admits both boys and girls. The school is controlled by Enfield Council, but is also supported by a charitable trust. The Latymer School is a specialist arts school.

The Latymer School has formal ties to St John’s College, Cambridge and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. These colleges offer scholarships to students from the school.

Facilities at the school include the Great Hall, which has seating for 1000 people and an organ. It is used for assemblies, drama productions and concerts. In addition to the school library there is also a separate Learning Resources Centre with books, periodicals and computing facilities. The school also hosts the Mills Building, a performing arts centre.

The Latymer School has significant sports facilities including playing fields and a new indoors Sports and Dining complex opened in 2006.

In addition, The Latymer School owns a residential outdoor pursuits centre in Snowdonia, Wales. All first year students stay at the centre for a week. The Latymer School has linked schools in France, Germany and Russia, with regular exchanges.

School performance

In 2019, The Sunday Times named The Latymer School the top co-educational state school in London and the fifth-best co-educational state secondary school in the UK.

At GCSE level, all students attained strong passes in English and maths in 2019. The school’s Progress 8 score was 0.68, meaning that pupils achieve, on average, over two thirds of a grade higher per subject in their GCSE examinations than other pupils with the same prior attainment. In 2020, 92% of GCSE grades were between 9 and 7.

At A-level in 2019, 52% of A-level grades were A* or A. Most years, approximately 30 to 40 students gain places at Oxford or Cambridge. Approximately 95% of school leavers progress to Higher Education.

The school has an Outstanding Ofsted rating.

Admissions information

Applicants do not have to be from the school’s catchment area to apply, but it is extremely unlikely that such applicants would be offered a place. To apply, parents must register their child for the 11+ Exam and name The Latymer School on the Common Application Form of their Local Authority. They should not complete the Enfield Common Application Form unless they live in Enfield. To register for the 11+ Exam parents must complete the Supplementary Information Form for The Latymer School. This form will be available on the school website from 11 May to 8 July.

To gain admission at The Latymer School pupils must pass the 11+ Exam, which is held in early September. Normally, approximately the 650 top scorers pass the test and are deemed selective. This is still a lot more than the number of places available, which for 2022 entry will be 192. Among the top 650 applicants, places are offered based on 11+ results to the most able applicants who live in the Inner Area, which is a large area of North and East London. The full list of postcodes belonging to the Inner Area can be found in the Admissions Policy. Remaining places are given to applicants from outside the Inner Area, but because of how competitive admissions is, The Latymer School has never made an offer to a pupil from outside the Inner Area.

Up to 20 children with exceptional musical talent who live in the Inner Area can be offered a place even if they do not place in the top 650 at the 11+ Exam, as long as they are in the top 900. Such applicants must fill in a separate application form and attend an audition.

The school will give parents an indication of whether their child is likely to be offered a place in October, before CAF forms are due. Parents who are advised they do not have a chance are advised not to use up one of their school choices on The Latymer School.

Out of the unsuccessful applicants, only the 50 with the best 11+ scores will be placed on a waiting list.

The Latymer School also accepts approximately 50 external pupils onto its sixth form every year. An open day normally takes place in October or November the year before entry, and applicants must submit a registration form by early December. Most applicants will need to sit a test at the school in January, with places then awarded based on the test and on GCSE results.

Admissions timeline


11 May to 8 July 2021

Parents must complete the Supplementary Information Form, which will be available on the school website.

1 July 2021

The school is open for tours for prospective pupils. Places must be booked on the school website.

3, 4 and 5 September 2021

The 11+ Exam is held at the school. Each applicant will attend only one of these days

October 2021

The school will provide parents with an indication of whether their child is likely to be offered a place

Late October/Early November 2021

Parents must name The Latymer School on the Common Application Form and submit it to their local authority

1 March 2021

Successful children will receive an offer to study at the school. Of the unsuccessful applicants, the 50 with the best 11+ scores will be placed on a waiting list.


11+ examination

The Latymer School 11+ Exam consists of two papers: the first is a combined paper of Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning, and the second tests English, specifically reading and writing skills. The first test is multiple-choice, but the second also involves writing. Both papers last an hour. The Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning test is set and marked by exams provider GL, while the English test is set and marked by the school.

The first test is split evenly between Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. In the second applicants will spend the first 30 minutes reading an extract and answering questions on it, and the second 30 minutes writing.

Unusually, only the maths and verbal reasoning paper is used to determine the 650 applicants who pass the test. The English paper is then marked and used together with the results for the other paper to determine the order for these 650 applicants before places at the school are allocated.

Sample test papers

The Latymer School sets and marks its own English paper. A selection of sample papers is available on the school website.

The Latymer School uses the GL Assessment 11+ exam for Maths and Verbal Reasoning. You can find sample test papers and familiarisation materials for the GL Assessment here.

Think Academy UK has compiled a guide to the GL Assessment, which includes a great range of free resources and sample test papers.

Additional information

-        Boarding: The Latymer School does not offer boarding, but it does operate a system of six houses. The houses compete in sports and in other events, and each year the house with the most points wins a prize. Each house also has a housemaster or housemistress, who provides support to the pupils in that house.

-        Location: The Latymer School is located in Edmonton, in the north London Borough of Enfield. The area around the school is suburban, with a number pf parks nearby. The school’s sizeable playing fields are adjacent to the school buildings. Edmonton Green Overground station is nearby.

Frequently asked questions

Can I visit The Latymer School?

The Latymer School plans to hold an open evening on Thursday 1 July 2021. An online booking system will become available on the school website.

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