Tiffin School, Kingston

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Description: Tiffin School, KingstonTiffin School, founded in 1880, is an Outstanding all boys' grammar school that has a sister school, Tiffin Girls School. This page has everything you need to know about Tiffin ...


Tiffin School, Kingston


Tiffin School, founded in 1880, is an Outstanding all boys' grammar school that has a sister school, Tiffin Girls School. This page has everything you need to know about Tiffin School and can help you get started with the admissions process. You can also find helpful information about the 11 plus exam, such as exam practice resources, information about exam boards and key dates in the calendar.  


School details:


Address: Tiffin School, Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 6RL

County: Surrey

Type of school: Co-educational grammar school

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Number of pupils: 1262

Admissions to Year 7: 180

Open evening (2022 entry): Tuesday 6th July 2021

11+ exam date (2022 entry): Thursday 30th September 2021

Exam board: Set their own exam - Stage 1 (English and Maths multiple choice) and Stage 2 (English and Maths written)

Admissions phone number: 020 8546 4638

Admissions email address: office@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk


A Brief Overview of Tiffin School and its Performance


Although an all boys school, since September 2019 Tiffin School now accepts girls at Sixth Form. The school has specialist status in performing arts and languages, and has a strong reputation for both. Academically the school's Progress 8 results are way above national average, and in 2019 75% of GCSE results were levels 7-9 (old style A or A*), and 84% of A-level results were A*-B (29% were A*s, a record high for the school). 95% of students achieve a level 5 or above for GCSE Maths and English, and according to the government website Tiffin School places 19th out of 55 similar schools. Relatively few pupils require SEN support (1.2% compared to the national average of 10.8%) or have free school meals (6.2% compared to the national average of 27.7%), but it has a higher than average proportion of students who speak English as a second language (32.4%).

Tiffin School's Admissions Process: 2022 Entry


If you plan on sending your child to Tiffin School in September 2022 then it is important to take note of these key dates below:


7th June 2021 - 11+ exam registration opens

Registration opens online for Stage 1 tests. A link will be available on this page.

15th July 2021 - 11+ exam registration closes

This is the deadline for registration. The admissions department does not work in the summer holiday and so it is imperative that parents meet this date

21st September 2021 -  Stage 1 test confirmation details

By this date all parents should have been sent arrangements for the Stage 1 tests. If they haven't, they should email Year7Admissions@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk.

30th September 2021 - Stage 1 test

Stage 1 tests take place. If there is a very high number of applicants, an additional day may take place on the 1st of October.

13th October 2021 - Stage 2 test invitation

Parents will be informed if their sons are invited to the Stage 2 tests.

31st October 2021 - CAF submission deadline

This is the deadline for submitting your Common Application Form.


12th November 2021 - Stage 2 test

This is the provisional date for the Stage 2 tests, and may be subject to change.

1st March 2022 - National Offer Day

Your local authority and the school will write to you to inform you of an offer of a place (providing that your child has passed the exam).

2nd March 2022 - Stage 2 test results

Stage 2 test results will be released and emailed to any parents not offered a place.




Preparing for Tiffin Court's 11 Plus Exam


Tiffin School is a very popular school, and entry is competitive: there are roughly 1800 applicants, meaning roughly only 1 in 10 boys will be offered a place. It is therefore important to start preparing early.


As the school only sets English and Maths questions, there is no need to revise Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning skills; however, students' knowledge of core English and Maths will need to be extremely secure. Students will also need to be familiar with the format of the Stage 1 tests, which is multiple choice and marked by a computer, and therefore it is imperative that students answer in the correct way. You can see a guide to how to answer multiple-choice questions here.


For the Stage 2 tests, it is unlikely that the school will reveal details ahead of the exam, but previous tests have included comprehension, a creative writing task and standard format Maths questions. Parents may want to check out this guide to preparing for the 11 Plus Maths exam and these top ten tips for passing.


Given the likelihood of some sort of writing task for the Stage 2 tests, it is vital that parents work on their child's spelling, punctuation and grammar, as they will be tested for accuracy and clarity. Students should also be aiming to read for at least twenty minutes each day, as this will help them to build up theri vocabulary and take ideas for their own stories. You may also want to use composition or writing prompts.


Tiffin School Eleven Plus Sample Test Papers and Resources


As Tiffin School does not publish any past papers, it can be difficult for parents to know exactly how to prepare. Rest assured that many of the questions, particularly in the Stage 1 tests, will test similar skills to those used in the CEM and GL papers. Many of the English and Maths questions are based on the National Curriculum, and as there are no Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, there shouldn't be anything that your child is completely unfamiliar with. Exam Papers Plus do offer practice papers which you have to pay for, or for free resources you can try the following:





11+ English Multiple Choice Book 1 | Answer 1


11+ English GL Familiarisation Paper | Answers




11+ Maths Multiple Choice Book 1 Answer Sheet 1


11+ Maths Multiple Choice Book 2 | Answer Sheet 2


11+ Maths GL Familiarisation Paper | Answers




Additional Information about Tiffin School


The school is known for its excellent extra-curricular programme and in particular its House system, which runs throughout the school. The Inter-House competition consists of 75 competitions in 20 different disciplines, meaning that every pupil in the school competes in 4 or 5 activities on average. Tiffin School also offers over 100 school trips a year, ranging from a Geography trip to Iceland to a Classics trip to Greece to a Basketball tour to Chicago. Its proximity to London also allows for lots of day trips.



Tiffin School FAQs


Where is the catchment area for Tiffin School?

All pupils who live within a 10km radius of Tiffin School are in the designated Inner Priority Area. All pupils who live between 10km and 14km of Tiffin School are in the designated Outer Priority Area. Almost all places are offered to those who live in the designated Inner Priority Area.


Does Tiffin School give allowances for age?

For all tests, the raw results are standardised and age weighted. What this means is that they take into account the age of the child on the day they sit the 11+ and adjust the scores to make it fairer. For example, a child sitting the 11+ who was born on the 1st of September is basically a year older than a child sitting the 11+ who was born on the 31st of August, and therefore will be at an advantage. You can find out more about the process here.


Is Tiffin School a fee-paying school?

No, Tiffin School is free to attend.


Is Tiffin School good for sport?

The school has good sports facilities and has a good reputation for sports provision. The main sport for boys is rugby, which is played in the autumn and spring terms, and then cricket in the summer term. Other sports on offer include basketball, rowing, tennis, squash, badminton and athletics.


Can I appeal?

If you are not offered a place and wish to appeal then you are allowed to do so. Exact details are yet to be announced but you normally email the Admissions Office and ask for an appeal form. The deadline for submitting this is usually the end of March, and you should hear an answer by the middle of June.


Where can I find Tiffin School's Admission Policy?

You can find all the necessary information about Tiffin School's Admission policies and arrangements here.


How many grammar schools are there in the area?

The only other grammar school in the Kingston area is Tiffin's sister school, The Tiffin Girls' School.


Does Tiffin School have a uniform?

Yes, it does have a uniform; you can find the details here. The school has recently changed suppliers and parents now have to buy the uniform from Stevensons.


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