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Description: School IntroductionThis school, previously known as ‘The Bishop’s School’ was opened on the current site in 1890, they pride themselves on bringing together their heritage and traditions alongside ...

School Introduction

This school, previously known as ‘The Bishop’s School’ was opened on the current site in 1890, they pride themselves on bringing together their heritage and traditions alongside new and innovative teaching and development making for a unique educational experience. The school is split into the Lower School – Years 7-8, and the Middle School Years 9-11.

Located within the Close and having monthly school services in a large and splendid Cathedral, they maintain their religious status as Church of England School, hoping to create lasting memories for all students.

Key Facts

Address: Exeter St, Salisbury SP1 2ED

County: Wiltshire

Type of School: Boys Grammar School and Mixed Gender Sixth Form.

Age of Attendance: 11-18

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2006)

Number of Pupils: 975

Religious Character: Church of England   

School Performance

The school has been performing well academically with most attainment assessment scores being above average for both England and the local authority.

Progress 8 - This score indicates the progress made by pupils at the school between the end of KS2 and the end of KS4. It’s averaged against the pupils across England and based on the results in 8 key qualifications including English, Maths Sciences, Humanities and Languages. Looking at the students achievements and progress from the end of primary school and throughout secondary school. This is therefore a useful comparison and can highlight schools in which students show large improvements or alternately in which students seem to underachieve after their time at the school. Out of the 5 degrees, the schools achieving ‘above average’ and ‘well above average’ scores make up just 31% of schools in the UK, the rest being average or below average. The score of 0 represents around the national average grade, hence a score of 0.71 means that students are achieving around 71% of a grade higher than the national average. With a score of 1 representing a whole grade higher than national average.

Entering EBAcc – 62%

Grade 5 or above in English and maths GCSEs – 98%

Attainment 8 Score – 75.4% - This score indicates the performance of students in 8 key qualifications - the same as progress 8, comparatively to the other schools in the local authority, then in England on average.

Admission Information

The school admits boys from years 7 to 11 and boys and girls in Sixth Form. Pupils will need to be living in ‘any area within reasonable travelling distance of the School’ (This is generally considered under an hour’s journey time to/from school) can make an application for admission to the school. Students applying into Year 7 must take the 11+ entrance test in the autumn term of their final year at primary school. It is noted that meeting the academic requirements for the School does not, on its own, guarantee of acceptance. To register to take the test parents must complete:

      The School’s 11+ Application Form

      The Local Authority Common or Secondary Application form.

Registration for September 2022 Year 7 will be opening on Tuesday 20th April 2021. Then the test will be on the 18th September 2021.

The suggested – so not definitive catchment area for the school can be found on the map attached here;

They also have more details of the 11+ procedures and exams in their leaflet here;


Familiarisation Guides for the 11+ exam.

The exam consists of two papers which each last 50 minutes, these are;

      CEM Paper 1

      CEM Paper 2

The papers are multiple choice and assess verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability. All of the papers are multiple choice and the candidates will be expected to show competent for KS2 English and Mathematics, and ‘apply these skills creatively’. The papers are sat on the same day and each consist of several sections, there’s a break between tests when the students can have a drink and a snack and use the bathroom.

These tests are made by CEM (University of Durham) and they are designed to be tests for which no additional preparation is necessary and there are no practice papers available for this reason.

Nevertheless, there are familiarization booklets for these tests which explain more about the kinds of questions to expect and certain symbols and phrases used in the assessment, so these are definitely worth engaging with. They can be downloaded through these links;

Key Admissions Dates 2022 entry


Date to be released on the local authority website - October 2021

All paper and online local authority applications must be submitted.

Tuesday 20th April 2021 at 10am

Registration for the 11+ test will open.

Saturday 18th September 2021

11+ Test exam takes place.

March 2022 - date to be released on local authority website.

Offers of admission made.



As well as covering the curriculum of; Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Language, PE, PSHE, Religious Studies, Music, Art and Design. The school also covers business studies, design and technology and has a unique opportunity to study Latin and Classical Civilizations. All students will start studying Latin in Year 7 using the story-based Cambridge Latin Course having 1 period of Latin a week. This will continue through years 8 and 9 and then the boys can choose to continue with Latin as a GCSE subject in Year 10. In order to take the GCSE course, parents must make a deposit of £215 to the school to cover the cost of textbooks, photocopying and tuition as this will be an extra-curricular class.

The school also has an extensive number of clubs and societies offered during lunchtimes and after school, this rages from Board Games, to Fencing, to Philosophy and Ethics, Drama, Orchestra and even Sailing. The full list of clubs offered can be found at this link;



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