King Edward VI Five Ways School, B32 4BT

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Description: King Edward VI Five Ways School, B32 4BTSchool IntroductionKing Edward VI Five Ways School is a mixed co-educational grammar school, meaning it’s attended by both girls and boys, has a selective admi ...

King Edward VI Five Ways School, B32 4BT

School Introduction

King Edward VI Five Ways School is a mixed co-educational grammar school, meaning it’s attended by both girls and boys, has a selective admissions process, and is non fee paying, it is the only school of this kind in the West Midlands with the other grammar schools all being single gendered. The school has been recently renovated and has also had some new buildings developed including; The Chowen Sixth Form Centre, a Drama Studio, and a  £1 million Osmend Language Centre and Pavilion complex. When the school became fully co-educational in 2003, the MacCarthy building was erected which has specialist classrooms and facilities for English, Religious Studies, Art, Photography, Expressive Arts and Food Technology. As well as this the school has extensive sports facilities with a climbing wall, dance studio, swimming pool and fitness suite as well as an outdoor astro-turf pitch.

In 2019 they opened a new Music School in our Eyles Centre which includes practice rooms, recording facilities, office space and music classrooms. Students have the opportunity to learn an instrument during their time at the school, and will receive assistance with the costs of extra music tuition.


Key Facts

Address: Scotland Ln, Bartley Green, Birmingham B32 4BT

County: Birmingham

Age Range: 11-18

Type of School: Mixed Gender Grammar

Number of Pupils: 1305

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2008)

Religious Character: Christian

School Performance

Progress 8 - This score indicates the progress made by pupils at the school between the end of KS2 and the end of KS4. It’s averaged against the pupils across England and based on the results in 8 key qualifications including English, Maths Sciences, Humanities and Languages. Looking at the students achievements and progress from the end of primary school and throughout secondary school. This is therefore a useful comparison and can highlight schools in which students show large improvements or alternately in which students seem to underachieve after their time at the school. Out of the 5 degrees, the schools achieving ‘above average’ and ‘well above average’ scores make up just 31% of schools in the UK, the rest being average or below average. The score of 0 represents around the national average grade, hence a score of 0.62 means that students are achieving around 60% of a grade higher than the national average. With a score of 1 representing a whole grade higher than national average.

Attainment 8: 76.9 - This score indicates the performance of students in 8 key qualifications - the same as progress 8, comparatively to the other schools in the local authority, then in England on average.


Admissions Information

All applicants looking to join King Edward VI Five Ways School in Year 7 will need to register to The Grammar Schools in Birmingham entrance test. The test will always take place on a Saturday during September of the Year 6 school year, so that parents and children can receive their test scores back before they have to submit their secondary school choices to the local authority. The tests are multiple choice and each lasts for around 45 minutes. The tests assess verbal, numerical ability, as well as reading comprehension. The grammar schools in the area are competitive with around 6000 students applying for the 1272 places across the 8 Grammar Schools in the Birmingham area, 180 of these places are at  King Edward VI Five Ways School.

You can register for this entrance test through this link;

The qualifying scores data for this 11+ test is as follows;

A map of the catchment area is attached below;

Applicants will also need to complete a ‘Local Authority Preference Form’ that should be completed in October for September entry of the following year. The local authority will then consider the application to each of the schools named in the preferences. You can list up to 6 schools. More information can be found on the Birmingham Grammar Schools website as linked above.

Practice Test Papers.

Both practice test papers and extra admissions information including test rules and restrictions can be found through this link;

In particular the guide for the Mathematics portion of the testing can be found below and includes information on familiarisation with the kinds of questions one will be expected to see on the paper, and also some information on the general mathematics areas and skills to revise for the test.

Admissions Key Dates

For 2022 entry.

May 4th 2021

Registration for the Entrance Test Opens.

June 30th 2021

Registration for Entrance Test Closes.

September 11th 2021

Projected date of the Entrance Test.

By October 2021

Local Authority school choice application form must be completed.



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