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Description: IntroductionDartford Grammar School is a school for boys located in Kent, just outside London. One of the oldest schools in the country, it is unusual in that it only offers the International Baccalau ...


Dartford Grammar School is a school for boys located in Kent, just outside London. One of the oldest schools in the country, it is unusual in that it only offers the International Baccalaureate programme and does not follow the National Curriculum. This means the students at Dartford do not sit A-level exams; instead they sit exams set by the International Baccalaureate Organisation in addition to their GCSEs.

Dartford Grammar School is run as an Academy, meaning it has more freedom over curriculum design than most schools do. The school’s ethos is highly international, and all students take either Japanese or Mandarin from Year 7 as well as an additional European language from Year 8. In addition to languages, Dartford also has a science specialism, with several recently refurbished laboratories to support learning. The school has 1483 pupils across the Middle Years and the Sixth Form. Boys who attend the school come from the Dartford area, Essex and East London.

As part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum, all students must study at least one language, one science subject, maths and a social science all the way to Sixth Form.

Facilities at the school include The Mick Jagger Centre, a live performance venue that hosts a drama studio and rehearsal rooms. It is named after Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, who was a pupil at the school. The school also has a sports centre with a sports hall, a gym and a dance studio. Despite not being a boarding school Dartford Grammar School does use a system of five Houses – students meet in these groups to take part in competitions and events.

School performance

Dartford Grammar School has a Progress 8 score of 0.75, meaning that pupils, on average, gain three fourths of a grade on their performance at the KS2 SATs by the time they sit their GCSEs. The school has an Outstanding Ofsted rating.

In 2019, Dartford Grammar School achieved the best International Baccalaureate results in the UK. All students passed, and the average score was 36.9, while the global average was 29.8. At GCSE, 96% of students achieved a good pass in Maths and English, compared to 43.3% nationally.

In 2019, 95% of school leavers went on to Higher Education.

Admissions information

Prospective applicants who want to enter Dartford Grammar School at Year 7 must sit the Kent 11+ Test. Parents must apply to sit this test during the summer of Year 5; this application is submitted online. Otherwise parents apply as usual through their local authority, by submitting a Local Authority Secondary Common Application Form.

Every year, the school admits 180 boys into Year 7. 1293 applications were made for 2021 entry, meaning admission is highly competitive. Half of the school’s places are reserved for pupils who live in the Dartford Council area. Those who live elsewhere compete for the remaining 90 places, with all places within these categories allocated based on the score achieved in the Kent test. In case of tied scores, preference is given to applicants living closer to the school.

It is also possible to join Dartford Grammar School for Sixth Form, but priority will be given to students already at the school. Applicants must have achieved a set of minimum grades at GCSE, but after this places are allocated mainly based on how close to the school applicants live. In 2021, the school planned to admit around 150 external students to its Sixth Form.

Admissions timeline

Summer of Year 5

Apply to sit the Kent Test on the Kent County Council website

September/October of Year 6

Applicants sit the Kent Test. Normally, results are provided to parents in October so parents can use them to inform their CAF choices.

October of Year 6

Deadline for applying to the school by including Dartford Grammar School on the Common Application Form of your Local Authority.

March of Year 6

National Offer Day - offers are made to successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants can request to be placed on a waiting list.


11+ Examination

To gain entry, pupils must pass the Kent Test. This 11+ exam includes tests in Mathematics, English and Reasoning (both verbal and non-verbal). All tests are multiple choice. The first test is a combined English and Maths paper which takes an hour. The English section includes a comprehension exercise as well as literacy questions. The second test is a reasoning paper. This contains two sections of approximately the same length on verbal and non-verbal reasoning respectively. This test, too, takes one hour. There is also a 40 minute writing exercise which is not marked, but may be considered as part of the Headteacher assessment stage.

Sample test papers

This document explains the Kent test, and also includes example questions.

The Kent Test uses the GL Assessment 11+ exam. You can find sample test papers and familiarisation materials for the GL Assessment here.

Think Academy UK has compiled a guide to the GL Assessment, which includes a great range of free resources and sample test papers.

Additional information

-        Location: Dartford Grammar School is located in Dartford, just East of London. This is where the M25 motorway crosses the river Thames, meaning the area is very well-connected. The school is on West Hill near the centre of Dartford.

-        Boarding: Dartford Grammar School does not offer boarding, but it has five Houses that pupils meet in for competitions and events.

-        Awards: Dartford Grammar School was named The Sunday Times International Baccalaureate School of the Decade by The Sunday Times Good Schools Guide 2021.

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

You must submit an application directly to your local authority. Do not send your application to Kent County Council unless you live in Kent.

What happens if I missed the deadline to register for the Kent 11+ Test, or if I did not list Dartford Grammar School on my application form but would like to apply?

Contact the school and they may be able to help you apply anyway.

My child is doing an 11+ test for another school that does not use the Kent Test. Will they still have to do the Kent test?

Yes. All applicants must register for and complete the Kent test.

Can I visit Dartford Grammar School?

Due to the pandemic Dartford Grammar School do not currently offer visits. You can find a virtual open day on their website.

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