Gravesend Grammar School

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Description: Gravesend Grammar SchoolSchool IntroductionGravesend Grammar School prides itself on being a friendly and supportive school, developing its students not just academically but also socially and emotion ...

Gravesend Grammar School

School Introduction

Gravesend Grammar School prides itself on being a friendly and supportive school, developing its students not just academically but also socially and emotionally. They put great focus on the traditional academic curriculum, alongside extra-curricular activities and trips, and student support. In their recent Ofsted report (2015) it is noted that the school encourages respect and tolerance between both the student community and between students and teachers. Creating well behaved and respectful students who uphold these values and responsibility. They pride themselves on curriculum enrichment. There is a Year 7 Curriculum Development week in July when they spend three nights in the Ashdown Forest with a range of experiences and exciting challenges in the forest. There are also University Visits, Mentoring Opportunities, Sailing Trips and travels all over the world, with at least 200 trips being organised each year. The boys are also encouraged to take on a new activity when they first start the school, so at least one extra-curricular hobby which is new and will help their personal development whilst also being exciting and a great way to meet other similar students.

Key Facts

Address: Church Walk, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 2PR

County: Kent

Type of School: Boys Grammar School.

Age of Attendance: 11-18

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2015)

Number of Pupils: 1234         

School Performance - Key Figures at GCSE Results (2019): 

Progress 8 - This score indicates the progress made by pupils at the school between the end of KS2 and the end of KS4. It’s averaged against the pupils across England and based on the results in 8 key qualifications including English, Maths Sciences, Humanities and Languages. Looking at the students achievements and progress from the end of primary school and throughout secondary school. This is therefore a useful comparison and can highlight schools in which students show large improvements or alternately in which students seem to underachieve after their time at the school. Out of the 5 degrees, the schools achieving ‘above average’ and ‘well above average’ scores make up just 31% of schools in the UK, the rest being average or below average. The score of 0 represents around the national average grade, hence a score of 0.54 means that students are achieving around 54% of a grade higher than the national average. With a score of 1 representing a whole grade higher than national average.

Attainment 8 score: 67.4 - This score indicates the performance of students in 8 key qualifications - the same as progress 8, comparatively to the other schools in the local authority, then in England on average.

Percentage of pupils achieving grade 5 or above in English and Maths at GCSE: 95%

Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate: 98% 


The school is popular and often over-subscribed. It accepts admissions from Gravesham and it’s neighbouring areas. Students must meet the school’s academic requirements through proving successful in the ‘Kent Test’ also known as the 11+. Parents need to register their children for the Kent Test between June and July and the tests are then sat in October, usually at the Child’s Primary School. There are two tests – one reasoning made up of verbal, non-verbal and spatial reasoning questions, the other is split into two sections which cover English and Mathematics questions.

More information on these tests, procedures and catchment zones can be found in their admissions booklet here;

You can also find more information, question examples and familiarisation with the Kent Test on their government website.

A familiarisation booklet can be found at this link;

This Kent Test will be required for all grammar schools in the Kent area, and students will only need to sit the test once to apply to multiple schools. They will submit a local authority school selection form and will be assigned to their school looking at the highest choice secondary to which the child is accepted.

Admissions Key Dates


The curriculum includes the national curriculum along with some additional subjects. At Key Stage 4 students can take ‘Philosophy and Politics’ and at Key Stage 3 they take Religious Education, they will also be able to study, Economics, Engineering, Business, and Computer Science, along with the national curriculum subjects of Science, English, Mathematics, Languages – Spanish and French, History, Geography, as well as Music, Drama, and Art.


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