Highworth Grammar School, Kent

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Description: Highworth Grammar School for Girls is a selective school based in Ashford, Kent. Learn more about the 2021 Kent Test and key dates in the calendar to prepare for the 2022 entry.


Highworth Grammar School, Kent

Highworth Grammar School, also known as Highworth Grammar School For Girls, is a state-funded selective secondary school in Ashford, Kent. This page has everything you need to know about Highworth Grammar School and can help you get started with the admissions process. You can also find helpful information about the 11 plus exam, such as exam practice resources, information about exam boards and key dates in the calendar.  

School details:

Address: Highworth School, Maidstone Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8UD

County: Kent

Type of school: Single sex grammar school with mixed Sixth Form

Age range: 11-18

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Number of pupils: 1493

Admissions to Year 7: 220 (approx)

Open evening (2022 entry): TBC

11+ exam date (2022 entry): TBC

Exam board: GL Assessment

Admissions phone number: 01233 62910

Admissions email address: office@highworth.kent.sch.uk

A Brief Overview of Highworth Grammar School and its Performance

Highworth Grammar School was originally founded in 1904. It gained Music Specialist Status in 2005 and is still known for the strength of its music provision. Its results are well above the national average; in 2019, 100% of students passed GCSE English and Maths, and 65% of all GCSE grades were levels 7-9 (old style A or A*). 70% of A-level results were A*-B and 83% of students went on to study at university. In terms of student make up, approximately 22% of pupils speak English as a second language, 9% are on free school meals and 3% have some support for special educational needs. 

Highworth Grammar School's Admissions Process: 2022 Entry

If you plan on sending your child to Highworth Grammar School in September 2022 then it is important to take note of these key dates below, and you can also find key information here.

1st June 2021 - 11+ exam registration opens

Registration for the Kent Test opens. 

1st July 2021 - 11+ exam registration closes 

Deadline for registering for the Kent Test. 

9th September 2021 - 11+ exam for Kent candidates

This is the test date for pupils in primary schools in Kent.

11th September 2021 - 11+ exam for all other candidates

This is the test date for pupils in primary schools not in Kent.

14th October 2021 - 11+ exam results

Assessment decision is sent to parents.

31st October 2021 - CAF submission deadline

This is the deadline for submitting the Common Application Form (CAF) to your local authority.

4th January 2022 - Oversubscription criteria applied. 

In the event of oversubscription, full details of applicants will be sent to Highworth Grammar School so that they can rank students based on oversubscription criteria. Priority will be given to children in care, children who already have a sibling at school at the time of entry, children with Pupil Premium, children who have health or special access needs, and children who live closer to the school. 

1st March 2022 - National Offer Day 

Your local authority and the school will write to you to inform you of an offer of a place (providing that your child has passed the exam).

15th March 2022 - Deadline for waiting list request

Deadline for waiting list requests (this is also the deadline for accepting or rejecting a school place). 

26th April 2022 - Deadline for school reallocation. 

Deadline for schools to reallocate any places that have become available to pupils on the waiting lists. 

Preparing for Highworth Grammar School's 11 Plus Exam

Kent is the largest grammar school area in the UK, with over 35 grammar schools to choose from. The Kent Test is used by almost all of these schools (you can see a list of these schools here). However, despite the choice of schools, the process is still very competitive - between 14,000 and 17,000 students take the Kent Test every year, far exceeding the number of places. 

For the Kent Test, students sit two papers. The first is an hour long Reasoning paper, divided into verbal reasoning (questions involving words and symbols); non-verbal reasoning (questions involving shapes and patterns); and spatial reasoning (questions involving manipulating space and shape). 

The second is an hour long English and Maths paper, with 30 minutes for each section. English questions tend to test students' vocabulary; spelling, punctuation and grammar; and comprehension skills. The Maths questions are mostly based around the National Curriculum, but a small number of questions are designed to see how students can apply known Maths skills to unfamiliar problems.

You can find a familiarisation booklet, with example questions, here, as well as a past familiarisation booklet here. Both papers are multiple choice and it's important that your child knows how to answer correctly as all papers will be marked by a computer. You can also find a guide to approaching Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning here; revising these should be a priority as your child will be less familiar with reasoning questions because they are not taught at school. 

Highworth Grammar School Sample Test Papers and Resources

As the Kent Test is based on the GL exam board there are past papers available online, but it's important to remember that it does vary slightly from year to year in order to make it harder for students to prepare. 


11+ English Multiple Choice Book 1 | Answer 1

11+ English GL Familiarisation Paper | Answers


11+ Maths Multiple Choice Book 1 Answer Sheet 1

11+ Maths Multiple Choice Book 2 | Answer Sheet 2

11+ Maths GL Familiarisation Paper | Answers

Verbal Reasoning

11+ Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice Book 1 | Answer Sheet 1

11+ Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice Book 2 | Answer Sheet 2

Non-Verbal Reasoning

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice Book 1 | Answer Sheet 1

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice Book 2 | Answer Sheet 2

Additional Information about Highworth Grammar School

The Real Schools Guide recently ranked Highworth Grammar School the third top grammar school in Kent. As well as its academic reputation the school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities including its own Science Magazine and Philosophy Club. The school has excellent music provision: there are numerous choirs, orchestras and a swing band. Highworth Grammar School is also known for its pastoral support; it has a vertical tutoring programme which enables the girls to make friends across year groups. 

Highworth Grammar School FAQs

Do you need to pass the Kent Test to be admitted to Highworth Grammar School?

Yes. Highworth Grammar School is a selective school only for students who have passed the Kent Test. If your daughter does not pass, there is an appeals process.

What is the pass mark for the Kent Test?

This varies slightly year on year - last year it was 332, with an additional requirement that students had to score at least 108 in each of the three sections - English, Maths, and Reasoning. 

How many students usually pass the Kent Test?

Again, this will vary year on year, but normally around 20-21% of the cohort taking the test pass. 

Does Highworth Grammar School have a catchment area?

Highworth Grammar School does not have a catchment area, and in the past has accepted pupils from over forty different primary schools. However, in the event of oversubscription, students who live closer to the school will be prioritised. 

Can I appeal?

If you are not offered a place and wish to appeal then you are allowed to do so. You must complete and return an appeals form to the Admissions Officer, Mrs Kemp (j.kemp@highworth.kent.sch.uk). The exact deadline for 2022 is yet to be confirmed but it is normally around the end of March.

How many other grammar schools are there in the area?

There are 32 grammar schools in Kent (excluding Medway) - you can see a full list here. In Ashford there is also The Norton Knatchbull School.

Does Highworth Grammar School have a uniform?

Yes, it does have a uniform; you can find the details here.



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